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us woodstream trap victor m327 roach glue - 1, thumbnail

Victor M327 Roach Glue, 300 pieces


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Victor M327 Roach Glue, 300 pieces

us woodstream trap victor m327 roach glue - 1

Victor M327 Roach Glue, 300 pieces

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In stock

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Product information

Victor M320 Glue Board is a professional product designed for both professional and amateur use that eliminates mice and rats along with a wide range of flying and crawling insects. Based on a glue board system that traps and holds malefactors, the product is based upon an extreme-hold formula - a non-allergenic peanut butter scent. Victor M320 Glue Board is an efficient non-toxic alternative that is ideal for populated areas when used as directed. This trap allows practical ways of usage and can be used either as perforated boards, easily separated to be used folded into an “L” form or flat, or using its tent design that hides pests and prevents your pets from contacting the glue. The product requires no set-up and provides the possibility to remove living rodents by using vegetable oil.

- Effective professional and amateur usage;
- Cost effective;
- Ready-to-use product;
- Excellent control of a wide variety of insect species and rodents;
- Flexible: may be used indoors and outdoors;
- Non-allergenic and non-toxic product;
- Product based on peanut butter scent;
- Patented Easy Peel release paper;
- Glue boards with a strong formula;
- Versatile design with easy montage - no tools required;
- Wide range of action against mice and rats and various flying and crawling insects;
- Child and pet safe when used accordingly;
- Suitable in food processing and public areas.

This product can be used:
- Indoor, as well as outdoor use;
- Ideal for residential homes, restaurants, hotels, reception areas, as well as garages or kitchens.

How to use:
- Slowly peel off Easy Peel release paper from the corner;
- Place glue board against the walls;
- Use Victor M320 Glue Board either as perforated boards folded into an “L” form or flat or in tent design for a discreet activity;
- Check glue board daily for any activity;
- Dispose of catch immediately by using vegetable oil;
- Dispose rodents at a minimum distance of 5 miles.

Follow manufacturer's instructions and read the entire Conditions, Disclaimer and Directions for Use.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Woodstream
Packaging 300 pieces
Formulations Plastic
Trap type Glue
Color White
Get rid of Cockroaches American, Cockroaches German, Cockroaches Oriental
Reusable Are not
Power Manual
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor

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