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us zon repellent el08 electronic propane cannon - 2, thumbnail

EL08 Electronic Propane Cannon

Out of stock

EL08 Electronic Propane Cannon

us zon repellent el08 electronic propane cannon - 2

EL08 Electronic Propane Cannon

Out of stock

Can be used by
Population, Professionals
Recomended against:

Product information

The EL08 Electronic Propane Cannon is a professional product intended to scare away unwanted birds and other wildlife from airports, orchards, vineyards, aerodromes, and other similar areas. It acts by firing a regulated, loud sonic blast that disorients and scares off flying pests and animals. The Cannon works by burning propane gas - a 20-gallon tank provides for around 15.000 detonations.
Fully automatic and mountable anywhere, the electronic cannon can fire 1 to 4 blasts with a 5-second delay between the consecutive blasts and a 1 minute to 60 minutes interval between blasts. A random blast setting is also available, providing 2 different randomized blasts intervals. The main body and megaphone are zinc-plated, able to withstand corrosion and heavy weather. The 4 legs that hold the cannon one foot off the ground and made of aluminum.

- It includes 2 different randomized blasts intervals;
- Built-in timer with 4 day on/off cycle.
- Propane cannon;
- Safe, durable and effective;
- Simple installation and use;
- Economical;
- Multiple adjustable blasts;
- Protected area: 1-5 Acres;
- Replacement parts: easy to find;
- Sound pressure: 100-130 dB;
- Weatherproof;
- Material: Metal.

To be used for/with:
- Birds, wildlife;
- Outdoors;
- Propane gas;
- As an efficient & low-maintenance solution for bird control;
- Usable by both professionals and the general public.

- Keep away from children and household pets;
- Do not use the product in any other way than described on the package.

Please be sure to read, understand and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Zon
Packaging 1 piece
Destination use Population, Professionals
Shelf life (years) 10+
Formulations Metal
Get rid of Foxes, Birds, Wild Pigs
Type of effect Sound
Power Gas Cylinder
Usage Area Outdoor

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