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uk woodstream trap m362 victor magnet 1 l - 0, thumbnail

Victor Magnet M362 Yellow Jacket Wasps, 1 litre

Out of stock

Victor Magnet M362 Yellow Jacket Wasps, 1 litre

uk woodstream trap m362 victor magnet 1 l - 0

Victor Magnet M362 Yellow Jacket Wasps, 1 litre

Out of stock

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Product information

Victor Magnet M362 is the ideal trap for removing wing wasps and flying insects around the house, picnic area or camping.
The effectiveness of the trap is improved by using a food attractant, while the simple design allows easy and safe use.

Extremely effective and easy to use, the Victor Magnet M362 trap is made out of a plastic container with a lid and bait. The bait contains only carbohydrates and proteins, without toxic chemicals, being safe for use around children and pets.

Simply place the trap in the areas where the wasps are present and leave the attractant to do the rest. The bait will attract the nearby wasps inside the trap, where they will remain captive.


The ecological trap is used together with a natural attractant. It has no impact on the environment.
High capture capacity: container volume 1 litre.
Easy to use - hang in the desired place.
Economic: solid and reusable.

Instructions for use:

Open the cap of the trap and pour the bait content into the container;
Add 2/3 cups of water (preferably warm for a more efficient dilution) or add water to the trap filling level and mix until the attractant content dissolves;
Close the lid and position the trap.
Keep the trap away from humans and pets and avoid exposing it to strong winds. If you notice that insects have not been caught, change the location of the trap. Leave the trap in an area for at least 2 days;
As the trap fills up, add water to keep the wasps sinking;
After filling with insects or after 14-20 days of use, the trap should be cleaned and refilled with the same bait mixture with water.
Remove trap content and replace bait. When you remove the trap's content, make sure the captured wasps are dead. The content of the trap can be used as a fertilizer.


Do not place the trap in less than 30 m from hives.
Do not use complementary attractants (cakes, syrups, etc). Otherwise, besides the target insects, the trap will also attract bees and bumble bees.
During the peak season, if the trap is full, the wasps will come in and out of the trap. It means that the surface of the trap is covered entirely by insects.
In the first part of the season (spring) and later (autumn), it is recommended to check the trap if it is full. Do this early in the morning or in the evening when the wasps are less active.

If you have a wasp nest, you will need to call a pest control specialist to remove the nest. Do not try to destroy or remove the nest yourself.


Assemble the trap inside and wash your hands before going out to hang the trap. The attractor is very strong. The wasps can sting you and they can cause allergic reactions to some people.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Woodstream
Packaging 1 unit
Formulations Plastic
Trap type Bait
Color Transparent
Get rid of Wasps
Reusable Can be
Usage Area Outdoor

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