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CDC Wilton - Model 1912


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CDC Wilton - Model 1912

uk john w hock trap cdc wilton model 1912 - 0

CDC Wilton - Model 1912

In stock

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In stock

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Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
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Product information

John W. Hock Company CDC Wilton - Model 1912

This trap si not only effective, but it is also attractive, thanks to its shiny and black appeareance. This trap captures mosquitoes inside a screened cup, located on its upper side. This trap doesn't warm the specimens while they come through the fan.

The Model 1912 CDC Wilton trap is effective in capturing a large number and diversity of mosquitoes, because of the addition of dry ice is has (which involves CO2 gas). This is why it is not that important where the trap is placed. The model 1912 CDC Wilton trap can also be used in the afternoon as it will attract mosquitoes that are active during the daytime and that are not normally attracted to light traps. This trap also contains an Insulated Dry Ice Container (P/N 1.10). This is actually an enhanced Igloo drink cooler, that has an addition of stainless steel hardware and make easy to use when placing 2 kg of dry ice. The rate of the sublimation is slown down by the insulation and by hanging the trap from the hook below the cooler. This is how the CO2 is released to the correct location, right above the trap.

The CDC Wilton Trap Model 1912 kit:
-Power Cable
-Collection Carton and Lid
-Screen Funnel

Other requirements:
-The trap draw is 0.125 Amps/hour at 6 volts.
-Requires a 6 volt, 12 amp DC battery. 

Additional Information

Manufacturer John W. Hock Company
Packaging 1 unit
Destination use Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
Formulations Plastic
Trap type Electric
Power in W No
Protected Surface No
Color Black
Get rid of Mosquitoes
Reusable Can be
Power Battery
Dimensions No
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor

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