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Dynali, 500 ml


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Dynali, 500 ml

uk syngenta fungicide dynali 500 ml - 0

Dynali, 500 ml

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In stock

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Product information

State-of-the-art fungicide for vines, based on two active substances.

It offers high-performance protection and consistency against powdery mildew, thanks to the combination of the unique mode of action - both preventive and with curative activity.

The product has a unique complete movement profile in the plant: translaminar activity, leaf system, and vapor effect.

Dynali contains two complementary active substances with different modes of action, from different chemical groups that act as follows:

Difenoconazole acts against fungi at the time of penetration into the plant and during the formation of breakers, the formation of spores, and their release.

It blocks the development of pathogenic fungi by interfering with the process of sterol biosynthesis (ergosterol) in cell membranes.

Difenoconazole is transported systemically, acropetally, ascending through wooden vessels in all green parts of the plant.

On the leaves it is distributed translaminar on both sides, thus ensuring very good uniform protection against diseases.

Difenoconazole belongs to the chemical class called triazoles, of which it is recommended not to exceed a maximum of 4 treatments per season with substances in this class.

Ciflufenamide acts on the following stages: formation of depressants, enhancers, growth of hyphae, formation, and release of spores.

It shows local systemic movement (penetrating or translaminar) in the leaves and action in the vapor phase.

Ciflufenamide belongs to the phenyl acetamide group.

Although the mode of action of both active substances allows preventive and curative use, it is recommended to apply the preventive product to avoid irreversible infestation of the culture.

Doses and approvals: 0.65 l / ha - vines

Additional Information

Manufacturer Syngenta
Packaging 500 ml
Formulations DC - Dispersible concentrate
Active Substances Cyflufenamid, Difenoconazole
Active Substance Concentration 30 g/l; 60 g/l
Crops Vineyard
Diseases Gray mold, Powdery mildew, Tomato leaf mold
Dosage 0.65 l/ha
Bio Crops Not suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

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