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Unipro 40-T


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Unipro 40-T

uk igeba cold fogger unipro 40 t - 0

Unipro 40-T

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Product information

UNIPRO T-40 is part of the electric ULV fogging machines, with a high standard performance in its fields of application.

The ULV fogger produces small droplets, in comparison with the traditional spraying or LV method. Therefore, several droplets of the same solution volume are produced. The smaller droplets provide a higher density fog, better distribution and therefore, higher efficiency.

The spray nozzles of the UNIPRO T-40 can be lifted to a height of up to 4.3 meters, with the help of the adjustable telescopic mast. Thus, advanced treatments (in the field of horticulture on a large scale) can be performed. Nozzles have 360 ° adjustable position. The space above the plants is much more accessible. Adjusting the height of the spray nozzles will allow the uniform spread of the particles, without any obstacle.

The Unipro 40-T has a compact construction, which allows easy operation and hassle-free transportation even through standard door frames. The suction hose of UNIPRO 40-T allows it to feed the prepared solution directly from any external container. With the help of the integrated hose pump with pulsation damper, the active solution is constantly pumped towards the spray nozzles.
The output can be easily adjusted, from a minimum output of 42 l/h which ensures an ideal droplet spectrum of <20 microns, to a maximum output of of 60 l/h. UNIPRO 40-T is also suitable for fungicides and systemic agents, thanks to the maximum spray output of 73 l / h. Even beneficial microorganisms can be sprayed.
UNIPRO 40-T is also suitable for spraying concentrated products for plant protection, which helps to significantly reduce the amount of water used, compared to conventional sprayers. That also avoids high drain-off losses

The droplet spectrum is decisive for different applications. The fogging rate used has direct influence upon effectiveness and optimum coverage of the target area.

1 ml liquid applied:
With 20 µm droplet size = 239 millions droplets;
With 100 µm droplet size = 1.91 millions droplets;


- time saving and cost reduction;
- uniform distribution of the active solution;
- works with effective microorganisms (EM);
- ULV and LV mode;
- feeding directly out of the external container – no transfer of active solution required;
- fogging range up to 120 metres;
- ideal for insecticides, fungicides and  insecticide, fungicide, effective microorganisms (EM);
- perfect for disinfection;
- high operator safety;
- automatic control via optional accessories;
- compact design, easy handling and maintenance.

Colour display of the control panel:

Green: ready for use
Yellow: ready for automatic use
Blue: fogging
Red: malfunction of the blower


Electric motor
Power supply Three-phase alternating current
5m connecting cable fixed to the device
16 A CEE plug
Power consumption (A) 12
Supply frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Blower Side channel blower with frequency converter
System for active solution
Working pressure (bar) 0.28
Output (l/h) Freely adjustable
Ideal: 42 l/h for ULV usage
Max: 60 l/h
Droplet spectrum VMD, determined
with water at an output of 42 l/h
 < 20 microns
Solution system Hose pump with suction hose (3m)
Suction filter
Solution line Teflon, Viton, stainless steel, PVC
Number of spray nozzles 4 spray nozzles
360° adjustable
Telescopic mast Freely adjustable
Minimum: 1,79m above ground
Maximum: 4,3m above ground
Fogging range Up to 120 metres
Under optimal conditions and dependent of the output
Control Manually or automatically
Automatic use via optional accessories
(timer, remote control) or external port
Frame Stainless steel with removable drawbar
Towing coupling for vehicles and optional trolleys
Wheels 4 soft floor castors / optionally pneumatic tires
2 swivel castors (one with brake) and 2 fixed castors each
Weight 157 Kg
Dimensions L x l x h 145 x 76 x 179 cm

The UNIPRO 40-T can be operated automatically via optional accessories. Two build-in interfaces allow optional connection of time controller or to any external dry contact. This way the user can operate the fogger during night-time as well. As a result, the cost for personnel is reduced and the user is not exposed to the chemical products during the application.

Accessories are not included. These can be purchased separately. 

Additional Information

Manufacturer Igeba
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Metal
Type of Apparatus Cold Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Self Carried
Color Grey
Power Grid

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