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TF-F 95 HD


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TF-F 95 HD

uk igeba sprayer fogger tf f 95 hd - 0

TF-F 95 HD

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In stock

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Product information

The people working in agriculture had to accept the loss of profit caused by pests and diseases. Other harmful organisms attack deposits and can destroy the cropse entirely. The use of techniques that do not harm the environment and protect the crops, are increasingly sought and Igeba offers exactly that. Whether they are biological or chemical- IGEBA opens up new dimensions in this field, based on the decades of practical experience and on the high class experts. With a minimum application on the surface, IGEBA brings a vital contribution into protecting the environment.

TF-F 95 HD: Model like TF 95 HD and the start compressor and the remote control on 12 V DC (16 A) with connection cable of 5 meters  and battery supply machine cable of 5 meters (min. 36 Ah).

The solution tank, the fuel tank and the fog tube are made of stainless steel. This fogger has been designed for the economical treatment on large areas. The tube is vertically adjustable, as needed, using a hand held crank. To meet the most strict safety requirements, when flammable liquidsare used, this fogger is equipped with an electronic pneumatic cut-off device,  in case of petrol leaks or decreasing pressure in the gas fuel system. All parts are resistant to use and depreciation, provided that the rules of preventive maintenance to be respected. This can be easily done by the staff that  uses it

This unit is also equipped with an air filter sleeve which reduces the stress generated by noise to a minimum. It is easy to carry due to its handle. The  fog emission it is easily obtained  by pressing a button which activates electrical/electronic a valve without using the tap. The appliance is ideal for the treatment of specially protected areas, large deposits, factories and for the application of water emulsions in glasshouses or for disinfecting stables. A rotating suport is available as an option to make the unit mobile horizontally.

The fog generator  IGEBA - TF/95HD can be used indoor and outdoor, producing a dense fog of insecticide what will take effect immediately when used a correct chemical substance and will kill flying and crawling insects. In the open space, in normal weather conditions, the fog may cover an infested area  in an efficient manner with a minimum contamination of the environment. This provides a imediate pest control. Fog generators are used on a large scale in order to destroy the mosquitoes that carry  ague and other diseases. In closed areas IGEBA TF 95 HD is used for dealing with large deposits and other buildings in a fast and economically way. It is also used for the disinfection of stables etc, for example with formalin or any other disinfectant. The application list may continue virtually without restriction. For hands free operations the generator  can be equipped with a remote control and a start compressor (12 V DC).

Technical features
Output of combustion chamber 36.8 Kw or 50 Hp
Fuel tank 5.5 liters
Fuel consumption 4 liters/h
Solution tank 60 liters
Max flow rate oil/water 100/40 liters/h
Dozing cap (oil) 1.4-1.5
Dozing cap (water) 1.2-1.6
Energy supply 4 x 1.5V DC (monocell)
Dimensions  198 x 62 x 58 cm 


TF-F 95 HD: Model like TF 95 HD and the start compressor and the remote control on 12 V DC (16 A) with connection cable of 5 meters  and battery supply machine cable of 5 meters (min. 36 Ah).

Additional Information

Manufacturer Igeba
Packaging 1 unit
Type of Apparatus Thermal Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Vehicle Mounted
Color White
Tank Capacity over 30 litres
Power Petrol Engine

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