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Granstar Super 50 SG, 200 g


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Granstar Super 50 SG, 200 g

uk dupont herbicide granstar super 50 sg 200 g - 0

Granstar Super 50 SG, 200 g

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Product information

Granstar Super 50 SG is a selective herbicide for post-emergence control of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds in soft grain crops.

Granstar Super 50 SG is a selective systemic herbicide applied post emergently to straw cereal crops for the destruction of widespread, annual, and perennial leaves. It is absorbed through leaves and roots and is quickly translocated throughout the plant. The growth of weeds is stopped only a few hours after application, but the symptoms become visible after 5-10 days after application. Complete destruction of sensitive weeds occurs after 15-25 days. Super 50 SG is very effective when applied to small weeds in the active growth phase. The degree and duration of the control may depend on the weed spectrum and the degree of the infestation, the size of the weeds at the time of application, and the environmental conditions during treatment and after treatment.

How to use it:

Granstar Super 50 SG is used post-emergence on 3-leaf-grained cereals until the beginning of the straw elongation to control broad-leaved weeds. The ideal time for application is in periods of active growth of weeds in the 2-4 leaf stage.

The recommended dose for wheat culture is 40g / ha.

If Granstar Super 50 SG is used according to these instructions and at the recommended dose, the product is not phytotoxic.

Granstar Super 50 SG can be used at lower temperatures (above 5 ° C). Rainfall less than 2 hours after application may cause decreased efficacy of treatment.

Suspension Volume at Ground Application: 200-400 l / ha.

The maximum number of treatments per year: 1.

Breaking time: from application until harvest, there are no residues in the harvest.

Compatibility: Granstar Super 50 SG is compatible with most herbicides and fungicides used in cereals. It is recommended to check the compatibility under the specific conditions of use.


Crop  Weeds attacked  Dose  Water volume 
Wheat  Perennial dicotyledonous weeds 40 g/ha, applied post-emergent 200-400 l/ha

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dupont
Packaging 200 g
Shelf life (years) 2
Formulations SG-water soluble granules
Active Substances Thifensulfuron-methyl, Tribenuron-methyl
Active Substance Concentration 250 g/kg; 250 g/kg
Against Chickweed, Creeping thistle, Field penny-cress, Flower-of-an-hour, Pale persicaria, Spear saltbush
Crops Wheat
Dosage 40 g/ha
Timing of application Postemergence
Types of weeds perennial dicotyledonous
Application Type Low pressure spray

Precautionary Statements

P391 Collect spillage
P501 Dispose of contents/container to …
H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage
H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction
H318 Causes serious eye damage
H319 Causes serious eye irritation
H400 Very toxic to aquatic life
H410 Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

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