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Caramba Turbo, 5 litres


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Caramba Turbo, 5 litres

uk basf fungicide caramba turbo 5 l - 0

Caramba Turbo, 5 litres

In stock

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In stock

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United States

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Population, Professionals, Trained personnel

Product information

Caramba Turbo is a rape crop product that combines the active substance of a fungicide (metconazole) with that of a growth regulator (mepiquat chloride). This combination provides effective disease control, while also providing the benefits of a growth regulator.

Usage and application:

It can be applied autumn when the rape has 4-6 leaves up to a maximum of 8 leaves to improve wintering resistance and for a better plant start in spring or early spring, from the beginning of the floral stem extension to the yellow button phase (BBCH 21-59) to combat disease and improve the plant architecture.

The application of the product in the spring has a double purpose: it combats specific diseases and improves the plant's architecture, thanks to the active growth regulator - mepiquat chloride - which reduces the dominant stalk and promotes the development of the lateral sidewalks. So the result is a better developed, stable, and richly branched plant with a higher production potential per hectare.


-Strong effect of growth regulator due to active substance.
-Improves winter weather resistance by optimizing the root system and package.
-Combats the main diseases in rapeseed.
-Improves the appearance of the plants (uniform, richly branched shrub with increased tensile strength).
-Flexibility in implementation.
-Increases production and profit.


Crop  The pathogen  Dose 
Rape  1 treatment applied in autumn to increase the resistance of plants to winter 0.7 l/ha
Rape  1-2 treatments applied in spring-summer to control pathogens Black rot (Phoma lingam), White rot (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum), Gray rot (Botrytis cinerea), Alternariosis (Alternaria brassicae), Mildew (Erysiphe communis) 1 l/ha

Additional Information

Manufacturer Basf
Packaging 5 litres
Destination use Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
Formulations SL-soluble concentrate
Active Substances Mepiquat chloride, Metconazole
Active Substance Concentration 30 g/litre; 210 g/litre
Crops Rapeseed
Diseases Alternaria, Gray mold, Powdery mildew
Dosage No
Bio Crops Not suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

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