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uk birchmeier sprayer fogger rec 15 abz - 0


Out of stock

Product information

Acest model a fost inlocuit din productie de catre modelul Birchmeier REC 15 AC1 care are aceleasi caracteristici, exceptand noua si revolutionara baterie CAS pe care o are in componenta. 

Birchmeier REC 15 ABZ is a professional, electronically controlled, backpack sprayer, easy-to-wear and easy-to-use, that offers great comfort and many options: robust and durable pump, new strap gripping system, adjustable nozzles from 1.3 mm to 1.7 mm, large opening with the integral filter and a lithium-ion battery with a life time: from 2.2 h/6.0 bar to 17 h/0.5 bar.

Everything is monitored and controlled electronically: constant pressure, on/off, pump protection functions and battery charging status. The new concept of controlling the pressure by electronics enables new options for the user by monioring pressure and other major pump and battery functions. Contains protective setup for pump and battery and is energy efficient.

The removable battery enables uninterrupted working.
REC 15 is available with powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. A quick-change battery replacement system lets you work uninterrupted. With the lithium-ion battery and a pressure setting of 1.5 bar, for example, you can spray up to 200 litres of herbicide for up to 9 hours.

And the electronic pressure control eliminates the need for control wires in the hand valve. The result: fewer malfunctions, but all accessories still fit. And since constant pressure results in constant droplet size, the REC 15 delivers not only better results at lower cost, but is more environmentally friendly, particularly in pest control application.

Robust quality all around, for professional work.

Real work comfort:
-Consistent spray pattern;
-Drop size adjustable;
-Re-defined ergonomics for enhanced comfort;
-Hose outlet laterally;
-Click belt system;
-Recessed grips;
-Li-Ion battery;
-Fast battery change system. 

Electronically controlled:
-Continuous variable operating pressure;
-Pressure range: 0.5 – 6 bar;
-Protective setup for pump and battery;
-Spray up to 220 litres at 0.5 bar operating pressure with one battery charge;
-Energy efficient.

Proven Birchmeier technology:
-Robust pump;
-Tank outlet via suction system;
-New designed click belt system;
-Brass nozzle adjustable;
-Top quality mountings;
-Large filling opening with strainer.

Technical Specifications:
-Max. pressure: 6 bar;
-Size: 61 x 40 x 22 cm;
-Weight: 4.4 kg (with battery);
-Tank volume: 15 litre;
-Battery: Lithium-ion battery 18V/3Ah;
-Battery charging time: 1 h;
-Life span battery: approx. 800 charging cycles;
-Adjustable nozzles 1.3 mm + 1.7 mm, made of brass;
-Nozzzles hole size: 1.7 mm;
-Pump: Piston pump 12 V/DC;
-Sound pressure level: < 70 dB (A);
-Stress class: 2.


Plant protection:
- Large gardens, shrubs, crops, hanging plants;

- Weed control.

• Agriculture:
- Disinfection, fighting epidemics.

• Siviculture:
- Crop care, protection against wildlife damage.

Birchmeier REC 15 ABZ is the ideal sprayer with the right accessories for optimal performance: it is fast, efficient, environmentally friendly and economical.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Birchmeier
Packaging 1 unit
Type of Apparatus Sprayers Hand
Apparatus Mobility Hand Carried
Color Black, Red
Tank Capacity 15 litres
Power Battery

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