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uk biogents trap bg pro set of 4 - 0, thumbnail

BG-Pro, set of 4

Out of stock

BG-Pro, set of 4

uk biogents trap bg pro set of 4 - 0

BG-Pro, set of 4

Out of stock

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Product information

BG-Pro is a modular trap system for monitoring and control. It was developed to offer the functions of the most used Biogents monitoring traps in a single product, offering at the same time the technology patented by them, the production quality, the design expertise and a comparable price. In addition to these styles (EVS, CDC and BG-Sentinel), you will be able to create new styles with the modular system and you can optimize your BG-Pro to your needs - you have many options, and BG-Pro offers space for creativity.

-used with CO2 captures all species of mosquitoes;
-versatile - can be assembled in various configurations for different applications;
-effective in any habitat;
-low power consumption and variable sources (the trap can operate on 5 V, 6 V or 12 V and with battery, mains supply or external batteries);
-resistant and quality parts;
-clamping bag located above the fan due to which mosquitoes are less damaged and easier to identify;
-automatic shutter that prevents the escape of captured mosquitoes in case of power failure;
-dual-use package: the easy-to-move carrying bag has a dual purpose and can also be used as a dry ice container.

Mode of action:
Depending on how it is assembled, the BG-Pro can use a visual, olfactory, spatial, temperature effect or a combination of these to trap mosquitoes. Due to UV light, other species of insects can be attracted. The capture net allows the inspection of trapped pests. After cleaning it is reusable.

Way of usage:
-Install the trap depending on the pest you want to attract (see the product user manual);
-Place the trap in an area where you have identified pest activity and connect it to an energy source;
-After a while, inspect the trap. Clean the grip bag and then re-use.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Biogents
Packaging set of 4
Formulations Textile
Trap type Mechanical
Color Black, Blue, White
Get rid of Mosquitoes
Reusable Can be
Dimensions 21.65x12.6 in
Usage Area Outdoor

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