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BG Mosquitaire

Out of stock

BG Mosquitaire

uk biogents trap bg mosquitaire - 0

BG Mosquitaire

Out of stock

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Product information

BG-Mosquitaire is an excellent and environmentally friendly tool that has been specially developed to control Asian tiger mosquitoes and yellow fever mosquitoes, but its effectiveness has been proven for any species of mosquito. The trap has been tried and tested worldwide.

-high capture rates - scientifically proven;
-does not harm beneficial insects such as butterflies, bees or ladybugs;
-ecological - does not use insecticides;
-durable and made of resistant plastic;
-does not require carbon dioxide, propane, butane or other flammable gases;
-requires little care and maintenance.

Mode of action:
-The sturdy plastic trap is designed to be placed in your garden. BG-Mosquitaire uses the same patented capture technology for all Biogents traps. This version does not, however, require the use of carbon dioxide. Adding the patented artificial skin emanation blend (BG-Sweetscent) to the attractive abilities of the trap is already enough. ----For mosquitoes, the trap looks exactly like a human being, being attractive even visually.

Way of usage:
-Place the mosquito trap near the mosquito rest areas and breeding sites, these are humid places, shaded and protected from the wind. Apply the trap early in the season;
-Operate the trap constantly for about a week. Mosquitoes will be attracted to the hut and, approaching it, will be captured with the help of the fan;
-Clean the appliance after use for reuse.

Possible applications:
private gardens, gardens of commercial sites such as cafes and restaurants, parks and hotels, camping, beach and forest pools, sports and recreation facilities, rehabilitation clinics and wellness facilities, etc.

The location of the mosquito trap is an important factor in ensuring high capture rates. Therefore, it is best to test different locations!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Biogents
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Metal
Trap type Mechanical
Color Black, White
Get rid of Mosquitoes
Reusable Can be
Power Grid
Dimensions 11.81x14.57 in
Usage Area Outdoor

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