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ro bioiberica regulator crestere terra sorb foliar 1 l - 1, thumbnail

Terra-Sorb Foliar, 1 litru

74,12 Lei

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Statele Unite ale Americii

Terra-Sorb Foliar, 1 litru

ro bioiberica regulator crestere terra sorb foliar 1 l - 1

Terra-Sorb Foliar, 1 litru

În stoc

74,12 Lei
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74,12 Lei

În stoc

Magazinul România nu poate expedia spre

Statele Unite ale Americii

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Informații despre produs

Terra-Sorb Foliar is a biostimulator with a high content of free amino acids (9.3%) and microelements (Mn, B and Zn), which increase the vegetative and generative creation of the plant, thus contributing to the development of well-developed crops. It can be successfully used in all crops: vegetables, fruit trees, vines, potatoes, sugar beets, rapeseed, straw cereals, corn, sunflower, soybeans, alfalfa, clover, ornamental plants, etc.

Chemical composition:

Free amino acids ...... 9.3%

Total Amino Acids ....... 12%

Organic nitrogen (N) ...... 2.1%

Total Nitrogen (N) .......... 2.1%

Boron (B) ................... 0.02%

Manganese (Mn) ......... 0.05%

Zinc (Zn) ................ 0.07%

Organic matter .... 14.8%

Mode of action:

Free amino acids penetrate inside cells, intensify photosynthetic activity and increase chlorophyll content. Free amino acids also act as regulators in many metabolic processes in plants.

Terra-Sorb helps to:

- very fast resumption of vegetation at spring, compensating for some growth delays in autumn;
- during the autumn, for straw cereals, it helps by fortifying in the first phases of growth and increases the resistance to wintering;
- development of a much deeper root system, intensive extraction of nutrients and water from the soil;
- preparing plants for stressful situations due to unfavorable conditions (drought, low or high temperatures, salinity, wind, lack of oxygen in the root system, after phytosanitary treatments that can induce phytotoxicity reactions, etc.)
- plant recovery after a few moments critical (damage caused by transplantation, frost, hail, wind, etc.).
- capitalizing on the genetic product potential of the variety by stimulating the development of productivity traits;
- intensification of nitrogen metabolism and elimination of deficiencies in microelements;
- stimulating diseased plants to overcome more quickly the stress to which they are subjected to various viral diseases;
- correction of phytotoxicity situations, depending on their severity.

By spraying with Terra-Sorb Foliar , the plants receive direct amino acids, so they do not consume energy for nitrogen metabolism, it is redirected to achieve other physiological mechanisms vital for increasing plant stress resistance. Terra-Sorb Foliar also acts as a regulator of plant growth, contributing to the biosynthesis of chlorophyll, cell division.
Amino acids, individually or as part of proteins, play an important role in performing various physiological functions in plant metabolism (stimulates root development, stimulates stomatal opening and cell membrane permeability, are precursors of hormones, nucleic acids and other important organic compounds, such as chlorophyll and polyphenols, play a significant role in osmoregulation and some of them are able to form nutrient complexes).
The complexing power of L-amino acids in Terra-Sorb Foliar, increases the availability of nutrients from fertilizers.

Terra-Sorb is recommended for stimulating the growth and development of plants in all agricultural and horticultural species, increases the resistance of plants to stressors. It is recommended 2-4 sprays during the period of active plant growth before flowering and during the accumulation of production.


Amount of water : It can be applied 2-4 times during the vegetation period in a concentration of 0.2 - 0.3% (200 - 300 ml produced in 100 liters of water);

Application method: Foliar spraying;

Compatibility: Terra-Sorb Foliar can be mixed with plant protection products (growth regulators and foliar fertilizers). Do not mix with products containing copper, sulfur, or mineral oils. If the combination is made with products whose compatibility is unknown, it is recommended to perform a compatibility test before application.

Culture The best time
Doza per ha V olum de apa / ha
Straw grains The beginning of the vegetative cycle of the plants,
as soon as there is enough leaf mass,
to achieve a good absorption;
2 - 3 l / ha -
Maize Flowering phase; 1000 l / ha
Sunflower Fruit development;
Rape When plants are subjected to
unfavorable conditions
soy 1000 l / ha
Sugar beet For plant recovery, after going
through some critical moments
Potato -
Green peas -

When transplanting seedlings
Appearance and formation of children

2.5 l / ha

1000 l / ha


Beginning of captain training
25% trained captain
50% trained captain
75% trained captain

(carrot, celery,
root, parsnip)

Rosette 4 leaves
Root growth
Tuber root


Beginning of captain training
25% trained captain
50% trained captain


When transplanting seedlings The
appearance and formation of shoots


At planting
Appearance and development of stolons

Plantation that has borne fruit

Appearance of shoots
Intense development of grains / bunches

Fruit trees

Swelling of vegetative buds
Formation and development of annual branches

2.5 l / ha

1000-1500 l / ha
Fruit trees

Warning: For treatment of fruit trees will take into account that: species stone fruit (cherry, cherry, plum, apricot, peach), buds flowering occurs before the vegetative and species pome (apple, pear, quince) buds vegetative appear first.

Informaţii adiţionale

Producator Bioiberica
Ambalaj 1 litru
Utilizare Personal calificat, Populatie, Profesionisti
Valabilitate (ani) 4
Formulare/Stare Lichid
Plante vizate Ardei, Cais, Cartof, Castraveti, Ceapa, Cires, Conopida, Grau, Gutui, Mar, Par, Pepeni, Piersic, Prun, Rapita, Sfecla de zahar, Tomate, Usturoi, Varza, Vinete, Visin, Vita de vie, Walnut tree
Substante Active Aminoacizi, Bor, Mangan, Zinc
Concentratia substantei active 120 g/litru
Culturi Bio Potrivite
Tipuri Aplicare Pulverizeaza rezidual

Fraze de precautie

P102 A nu se lăsa la îndemâna copiilor, P270
P501 Eliminați deșeul de produs și/sau ambalajul numai prin operatori economici autorizați, în conformitate cu reglementările în vigoare
EUH210 Fişa cu date de securitate disponibilă la cerere.

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