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nz orion agriscience herbicide deal 360 5 l - 1, thumbnail

Deal 360, 5 litres


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Deal 360, 5 litres

nz orion agriscience herbicide deal 360 5 l - 1

Deal 360, 5 litres

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In stock

New Zealand Store cannot dispatch to

United States

Product information

Deal 360 is a non-selective herbicide for use in agriculture and horticulture:
- Before planting crops and trees
- In pasture renovation and reduced tillage systems
- For pre-harvest weed control
- In vineyards, orchards and market gardens
- On turf and recreational areas
- In drains and waterways.

Deal 360 is absorbed by green plant tissue, and is translocated throughout the plant, including the root system, to kill the entire plant. Plants should be actively growing, not under drought stress, and have clean foliage at the time of spraying. The product degrades in the soil and has no residual weed control activity.

Deal 360 does not have adverse ecotoxic effects on fish or crustacea.
Visible effects may not be apparent for 14 days depending on weather conditions, weed species and rate of application. Some perennial weeds may not show effects for 2 - 3 weeks.

Rainfall within 2 hours of application may reduce effectiveness. The rainfast period can be reduced to 20 minutes if used in conjunction with a penetrant. Application to foliage which is already wet will increase the time required for rainfastness. 

Fill the clean spray tank with half the required amount of clean water. Add Deal 360 as required and mix well before adding the remaining water. If penetrant is required, add this last to minimise foaming. Agitate well before spraying. When tank-mixing with other chemicals, add Deal 360 after suspension concentrates such as Simatop (simazine), and other water soluble concentrates. Soil particles and hard water containing calcium salts deactivate Deal 360. If hard water cannot be avoided, the addition of a pH Buffer is recommended.

Deal 360 is compatible with commonly used herbicides.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Orion Agriscience
Packaging 5 litres
Formulations SL-soluble concentrate
Active Substances Glyphosate
Active Substance Concentration 360 g/l
Against Annual weeds, Barberry, Barley Grass, Blackberry, Boxthorn, Browntop, Buddleja, Cleavers, Couch grass, Docks, Floating Sweet Grass, Gorse, Indian Doab, Johnson grass, Nodding Thistle, Old Man's Beard, Pampas Grass, Paspalum, Prairie Grass, Ragwort, Ratstail, Rautahi, Ring Fern, Rushes, Ryegrass, Sweet briar, Tall Fescue, Willow weed, Yarrow
Crops Agricultural areas, Non-Crop Areas, Non-cultivated areas, Pastures, Turf, Vineyard
Timing of application Preplant
Types of weeds annual, perennial
Application Type Low pressure spray

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