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  • nz zappbug special unit heat pro 2 thermal room - 0

    Heat Pro 2 Thermal Room



    • ZappBug
  • nz bayer insecticide antmaster liquid ant bait 125 ml - 0

    Antmaster Liquid Ant Bait, 125 ml



    • less


    • Bayer

      Get rid of:

    • Ants
  • nz globe special unit flir e4 infrared camera - 1

    Flir E4 Infrared Camera



    • Globe Australia
  • nz monsanto herbicide roundup classic pro 20 l - 0

    Roundup Classic Pro, 20 litres



    • Monsanto

      Herbicides Active:

    • Glyphosate acid PMG


    • Leek,
    • Plum tree,
    • Apple tree,
    • 14 more
  • nz sumitomo larvicide sumilarv granular insect regulator 250 g - 1

    Sumilarv Granular Insect Growth Regulator, 250 g



    • Sumitomo Chemical Agro

      Get rid of:

    • Mosquitoes

      Active Substance:

    • Pyriproxyfen
  • nz basf insecticide goliath gel 4x35 g - 1

    Goliath Cockroach Gel, 4 x 35 g



    • odorless


    • Basf

      Get rid of:

    • Cockroaches American,
    • Cockroaches German,
    • Cockroaches Oriental
  • nz agserv special unit mh10 led torch - 1

    MH10 Led Torch



    • Agserv
  • nz innovative bait station antopia - 0




    • Innovative Pest Control Products

      Get rid of:

    • Ants
  • nz bg trap lo line cockroach 10 p - 0

    Lo Line Cockroach (10 Traps & 10 Attractant Tablets)



      Get rid of:

    • Cockroaches American,
    • Cockroaches German,
    • Cockroaches Oriental

      Trap type:

    • Glue
  • nz basf insecticide termidor 1 l - 1

    Termidor, 1 litre



    • slight


    • Basf

      Get rid of:

    • Termites
Expocida Iberica 2020

Our visit at Expocida Iberia Madrid, 2020

Expocida Iberia 2020 took place in Madrid, on 20th and 21th of February. The fair brought together more than 1800 participants, all involved in the sector of Pest Control, whether they were organizations, companies, media or administrations. The 2020 Fair took account of the high number of participants, and not only displayed their newest products in a great exhibition area,


Coronavirus – Spreading, Treatment and Prevention

Coronaviruses were discovered in 1960. The virus causes respiratory inflammation in humans. These are encapsulated viruses containing an RNA chain. The RNA chain is what causes the “infection”. By running specific tests it is difficult to demonstrate which one of the disinfectants is efficient as these viruses mutate rapidly. 

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