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int adama fungicide folpan 80 wdg 15 g - 1, thumbnail

Folpan 80 WDG, 15 g


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Folpan 80 WDG, 15 g

int adama fungicide folpan 80 wdg 15 g - 1

Folpan 80 WDG, 15 g

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In stock

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Product information

Folpan 80 WDG is a fungicide from the phthalimide group, conditioned in the form of fine, homogeneous granules, without a tendency to crumble, beige in color, with a characteristic (slightly aromatic) odor, containing 80% folpet as an active substance.

Mode of action: Folpan 80 WDG is a fungicide with specific multisite action, especially against fungi causing downy mildew, anthracnose, and red blotch in vine crops. The active substance folpet has a preventive contact action, preventing infections from establishing on the treated organs by blocking the respiration of sensitive fungi at the cellular level. It inhibits many enzymes and carboxylases with oxidizing action and citrate synthesis. Although it is not translocated within the tissues, the product adheres well to the treated organs and is hard to wash off by rain, providing a protection period of about a week, depending on local conditions.

Selectivity: When applied according to the recommended doses and under normal climatic conditions, it does not produce phytotoxicity phenomena.

Instructions for use: Folpan 80 WDG is used by spraying during vegetation, applied upon warning, on the entire surface, using classic spraying equipment specific to vine crops. For maximum control effects, treatments are applied preventively when conditions for disease manifestation occur or at the appearance of the first disease symptoms. Treatments with Folpan 80 WDG can be repeated at an interval of at least 7-10 days or alternated with systemic fungicide treatments, depending on the adopted control program. The maximum number of treatments with Folpan 80 WDG that can be applied in a season, the minimum interval for successive treatments with this product, and the phenological application interval depend on the involved pathogen species, infection pressure, waiting time limit, and the established treatment program. These parameters are: for vine crops: for Plasmopara viticola 1-5 treatments, Phomopsis viticola 1-4 treatments, Pseudopezicula tracheiphila 1-3 treatments. Treatments with Folpan 80 WDG in vine crops do not influence the winemaking process and the organoleptic quality of the wine.

CropPest AgentApplication ConcentrationWaiting Time (days)
Vine (wine grapes) Plasmopara viticola 1.6 kg/ha 28
Vine (table grapes) Plasmopara viticola 1.6 kg/ha 28
Vine (wine and table grapes) Phomopsis viticola 1.2 kg/ha 28
Vine (wine and table grapes) Pseudopezicula tracheiphila 1.2 kg/ha 28

Compatibility: Folpan 80 WDG may be compatible with many commonly used insecto-fungicides, except for products with a strongly alkaline reaction (sulfur-based preparations and Bordeaux mixture). It is not compatible with oil-based products. For proper use, consult compatibility tables and perform a test on a small area before use.

The product should be stored in its original, sealed, and properly labeled packaging, in dry, cool, well-ventilated rooms exclusively intended for pesticides, accessible only to authorized persons, without direct sunlight or heat, and separate from food or feed. It should be stored at temperatures between 0°C and +35°C.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Adama
Packaging 15 g
Shelf life (years) 3
Formulations WG-water dispersible granules
Active Substances Folpet
Active Substance Concentration 800 g/kg
Crops Grapes
Diseases Anthracnose, Plum leaf blotch, Powdery mildew
Dosage 1.2-1.6 kg/ha
Bio Crops Not suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

Precautionary Statements

P102, P201, P273, P280, P302+P352, P305+P351+P338, P391, P501
EUH401, H317, H319, H351, H400, H411

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