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int 3m mask filter 6057 abe1 2 p - 0, thumbnail

6057 ABE1, 2 pieces


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6057 ABE1, 2 pieces

int 3m mask filter 6057 abe1 2 p - 0

6057 ABE1, 2 pieces

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In stock

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Product information

6057 ABE1, 2 pieces are professional filters that are used for protection against organic vapours, inorganic gases, and acid gases. They are part of the 3M 6000 filter range and are used only with 3M respiratory protection equipment.

Properties and Benefits:
- High-performance active carbon that ensures efficient filtration;
- The bayonet type attachment system provides secure, precise and comfortable hold;
- The narrow profile and evenly distributed weight in the form of air filters.

The shelf life of the unpackaged product is five years from the date of production under storage temperature between -20 ° C and + 25 ° C and relative humidity (RH) <80%. For short periods, storage conditions may exceed these thresholds. Shelf life decreases to 3 months under conditions: 38 ° C / 85% RH. The end of the period of use of the product can be consulted on its packaging. Check before each use. Use only the original packaging for transport and storage of the filter. Remove the product no later than 6 months after the packaging has been opened, regardless of the number of uses.

Instructions and recommendations issued by the manufacturer:
- To obtain protection against dust, mist, smoke, as well as emitted gases and vapors, you can superimpose the 3M 5000 series particle filters and the 3M 501 cap over this filter.
- Besides the 6501 model, 3M 6057 ABE1 filters offer additional protection for use in the context of electronic processes, acid cleaning, pickling, or engraving of metals.
- Compatible with 3M semi-masks from the 6000 / 6500QL / 7500 series and integral masks from the 6000/7907 series;
- Protection against organic vapours (boiling point> 65 ºC), inorganic gases and acids;
- Weight of 115 grams per filter;
- According to the requirements of EN 14387: 2004 + A1: 2008 (Respiratory protection devices. Gas filters and combined filters).

- Working with solvents and/or acid gases (toluene, chlorides, hydrochloric acid, etc.);
- Degreasing using diluents or acids, acid and fertiliser production, engraving, and electrolytic treatment.
- Gas and vapour filters do not filter particles so you will need to use a combination of filters to protect you from exposure to them, including fog.

Technical specifications:
When used in accordance with the requirements of EN 14387: 2004 + A1: 2008, against the specified contaminants, these filters provide the following classes of protection:

With 3M 6000/6500/7500 semi-masks: 1000 ppm or 10 x MAC*, the lower of these two values.
With 3M 6000/7907 integral masks: 1000 ppm or 200 x MAC, the lower of these two values.
*MAC - Maximum Admission Concentration

Warnings and limits of use:
Proper selection, wear, training, and maintenance are required for the use of this product in optimum conditions and for it to provide protection against contamination in the workplace. Failure to follow the instructions may result in irreversible adverse effects on the user's health and may endanger his life.

Always make sure the complete equipment is:
- Selected correctly for the application;
- Fixed properly on the wearer's face;
- Used throughout the exposure period;
- Replace if necessary.

Safety instructions:
- Do not immerse filters in liquids;
- Do not use in oxygen-deficient atmospheres, <19.5% O2 in the atmosphere (3M Definition);
- Do not use in pure oxygen or oxygen-enriched atmospheres;
- Do not use for respiratory protection against contaminants that cannot be detected or may immediately endanger health and life or against contaminants that may cause adverse reactions with the filters;
- Do not use concentrations higher than those specified in the Technical Data Sheet.
- Do not make repairs or modifications to this product. It does not contain components made of natural rubber or latex.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.


Additional Information

Manufacturer 3M
Packaging 2 pieces
Formulations Paper
Protection type Respiratory Masks
Color White

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