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victor trap electronic m250 pro - 5, thumbnail

Victor Electronic M250 PRO

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Victor Electronic M250 PRO

victor trap electronic m250 pro - 5

Victor Electronic M250 PRO

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Product information

Unlike traditional traps, Victor Electronic M250 Pro is a professional trap using a high voltage current that eliminates the mouse in seconds. It is both efficient and productive, and capable of eliminating up to 3 mice per set and up to 100 per set of 4 AA batteries. Victor Electronic M250pro is equipped with an advanced intelligent circuit technology that detects when a rodent enters the trap. Once the rodent is inside, the system gets activated and holds the mouse in place to prevent it from escaping. Then the mouse walks on the metal plates and a quick shock is applied to it. For each catch the green LED on the top of the trap will flash for up to 7 days. The trap integrates an intelligent system so if there is only one rodent in the trap, it automatically resets and waits for another.

Properties & Benefits:
- (batteries not included in the package)
- this trap offers a 100% control rate
- it eliminates small rodents even in one night
- kills 3 mice per setting
- kills 100 mice per set of batteries
- humane, high voltage shock kills mice in seconds

Way of usage & Placement:
- Open the battery compartment and insert 4 AA batteries;
- Open the lid at the top of the trap and apply a small amount of peanut butter, chocolate, hazelnuts or any other favorite rodent food to the bait compartment;
- Place the trap in areas where there is activity of mice;
- Place the trap longitudinally on the wall with the inlet hole close to the wall and start the trap;
- A green light will flash when the trap is working properly;
- When the batteries are discharged, a flashing red light will appear.

Other tips & recommendations:
- The Victor Electronic M250pro has a securely integrated switch that automatically shuts off the trap whenever the lid is opened.
- In addition, the trap includes oblique columns and a unique design that prevents children and pets from reaching the trap.
- The trap has no poisons or chemicals and is safe to use anywhere in the house.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Woodstream
Packaging 1 piece
Trap type Electric
Color White
Get rid of Mice
Reusable Can be
Usage Area Indoor

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