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Decis Trap + Attractant


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Decis Trap + Attractant

eu bayer trap attractant decis trap attractant - 1

Decis Trap + Attractant

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Product information

Decis Trap + attractant is a professional trap designed to control cherry flies. It contains an attractive nutrient that protects crops and allows their development in ideal conditions. The assembled trap is a closed device, provided with several side holes, through which the pests are attracted.
It is formed from two parts:
The upper part - colourless, transparent, impregnated with active substance, deltamethrin (0.015 g / trap), which fights pests.
The lower part - yellow or orange, serves to attract (due to colour) and store pests. Contains a specific attractant for the species Rhagoletis cerasi. The sachet with the attractant is dosed in such a way that its elimination is gradual.

Properties & Benefits:
- ready to use and consists of two parts;
- can also be used in organic farming;
- does not generate residues;
- does not affect beneficial insects (predators, pollinators);
- without risk of incompatibility;
- offers both pest control and warning of their presence;
- attracts both females and males;
- has an effective duration of 150 days.

Way of usage & Placement:
- Manually place the traps in the orchard, in the crown of the trees, at approximately 1.4-1.8 m from the ground.
- For maximum effectiveness, position them about halfway up the tree crown, with southern exposure, once a year.
- Ideally they should be placed immediately after the cherries bloom and until the cherries begin to change colour from green to yellow.
- Make the distribution must be made as even as possible.

Other tips & recommendations:
- Decis is assembled prior to delivery and the attractor is also activated.
- The attractant sachet should not be opened.
- The top of the trap should not be touched or wiped so as not to reduce the effectiveness of the active substance.
- The recommended quantity per hectare is 100 traps (1 trap per 100m 2 ), but this can be adapted depending on the density, the characteristics of the variety and other aspects of this kind, respecting a minimum of 60 traps per hectare.
- No pause needed before harvest.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Bayer
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Plastic
Trap type Attractant
Protected Surface 51 - 100 mp
Color Transparent
Get rid of Flies
Reusable Can be
Usage Area Outdoor

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