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Insecticide Demon Max

Out of stock

Demon Max

eu syngenta insecticide demon max - 0

Insecticide Demon Max

Out of stock

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Product information

Used by professionals, Demon Max offers residual control of pests found in urban areas, through double action (control and repellent) on a wide range of insects including ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks and termites. It can be applied in, on, around buildings and structures, on the ground, lawns, lawn, vegetation, under and around the foundation, as well as in tight spaces.

Active substance: 25.3% Cypermethrin.

- fast and efficient action.
- mixture quality (without sediments).
- low vapor pressure, which prevents evaporation.
- recommended as a treatment against termites.

Application method:
- dilute the substance in the required amount of water.
- apply by spraying in the desired areas.
- is applied on dry surfaces.
- avoid contact of the substance with water sources. (lakes, rivers, sewers, irrigation canals).

Pests Dose Treatment / year

Ants, Beetles (control),
Miriapozi, Greieri, Urechelnite,
Fleas (outside only), Flies,
Mosquitoes (outside only),
The silver fish.

40 ml/10 liters

1-2 *
(* only in case of finding an infestation)

Bees, Beetles (fighting),
Spiders, Capuses, Wasp

 80 ml/10 liters

1-2 *
(* only in case of finding an infestation)

Termites 100-400 ml/ 10 liters

1-2 *
(* only in case of finding an infestation)

Additional Information

Precautions No
Hazard statements No
Manufacturer Syngenta
Packaging 1 piece
Destination use Professionals
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations Liquid
Application Type Low pressure spray
Active Substances Cypermethrin
Active Substance Concentration 253 g/kg
Mode of action contact
Odor slightly irritating
Dosage 40-400 ml/10 l
Get rid of Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Ticks, Wasps

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