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Fontan Twinstar

Out of stock

Fontan Twinstar

eu swingtec sprayer fogger fontan twinstar - 0

Fontan Twinstar

Out of stock

Product information

Fontan Twinstar is a high-capacity centrifuge designed for use in clinical and research laboratories. This electric ULV sprayer is mounted on a trolley and comes with two fans, a full automatic spraying program, and the option of setting the amount of sprayed substance in advance. Swingtec Fontan Twinstar is the perfect solution for effective and economical control of insects and pests. fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

Key Benefits:
- Protection of plants in greenhouses with ornamental plants, vegetables, or fruits
- Protection of goods in warehouses, silos, and in factories that process food, agricultural products, textiles, or tobacco
- Health and hygiene in public, private, and commercial spaces, as well as in the livestock industry (pest control, vaccination of animals by inhalation in farms with intensive exploitation)
- Disinsection measures in inhabited areas, in the animal husbandry and food industry.

Control and programming panel with fully automatic programming functions:
- Timer for preselection of the starting moment
- Permanent stirring of the spray solution to maintain a stable suspension of the active substance in the solution tank (this function can be canceled)
- Permanent air circulation thanks to the fan, for the transport and optimized distribution of fog drops, with programmable operation time before and after ventilation
- The spraying time is directly related to the volume of liquid to be sprayed, that is, the machine works as long as it takes to spray the preset volume of liquid, depending on its viscosity
- After spraying, the supply pipes and nozzles are cleaned through a rinsing process.
- The cleaning time is adjustable
- Automatic shutdown at the end of the entire process.
- All functions can also be activated manually.

The fan and stator system: The stator directs the airflow, without turbulence, and guarantees the transport of droplets up to a distance of 60 m. The power of the fan and the construction of the stator ensure uniform coverage, even in the case of large surfaces or rooms.

Technical data
Power: 0.5 kW, three-phase
Speed at 50 Hz/60 Hz - 2800 rpm/3400 rpm
Protection: thermocouple/fuse

Compressor: rotary pump without oil and maintenance
Air volume: 70 mc/h
Pressure: 0.35 bar
Drive: V-belt

Control: the control panel is programmable and controlled with a microprocessor
Timer: preselection of the start time up to 10 hours
Program: automatic running of the program or manual entry of all functions
Agitation: permanent after the start of the program, can be deactivated
Fan: Works continuously during spraying, with programmable phases for operation before and after spraying
Cleaning: automatic, the cleaning time is programmable
Shutdown: automatic, after the completion of the program
Error diagnosis: error code display

Range of action: 120 x 40 m
Nozzle 62 -5.8 l/h
Nozzle 68 - 6.6 l/h
Nozzle 74 - 7.4 l/h
Nozzle 92 - 11.4 l/h
Nozzle 100 - 13.6 l/h
Nozzle 120 - 17.4 l/h

Dimensions and weight: 115 x 89 x 162 cm, 96 kg with the solution tank

Standard accessories:
Polyethylene solution tank, with a capacity of 34 liters, with an electric stirrer.
Cleaning bottle: polyethylene 2.5 liters
Dosing nozzles 62/68/74/92 nozzle 74 already installed (two nozzles each)
Sieve funnel for solution
Allen key
User manual with spare parts list
Optional accessories that are available for a fee: Dosing nozzles 100/120, Timer

Please read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Swingtec
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Metal
Apparatus Type Cold Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Self Carried
Color Red
Tank Capacity over 30 litres
Power Electric Engine

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