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Fontan Mobilstar

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Fontan Mobilstar

eu swingtec sprayer fogger fontan mobilstar - 0

Fontan Mobilstar

Out of stock

Product information

Fontan Mobilstar is a ULV spraying equipment that can be mounted on vehicles. It is the ideal solution for an efficient, economical, and targeted ULV application for mosquito and pest control over large areas, locust control, plant protection measures in large plantations, sewage treatment or disinfection, and deodorization of garbage storage sites.

- 16 or 18 hp 4-stroke engine, with electric starter (also equipped with a spare manual starter)
- fuel tank with a capacity of 20 liters and level indicator
- side channel compressor
- two universal, adjustable spray heads
- control panel/remote control for all machine functions
- a tank for automatic cleaning of supply pipes and spray heads

Spraying types: ULV|(Ultra Low Volume) with a flow rate of 5-50 l/h; ULV-Plus) flow rate 51-100 l/h and with a reduced drop deviation margin; LV (Low Volume) flow rate 5-100 l/h.

The Fontan Mobilstar ULV sprayer is available in 3 options:
- Fontan Mobilstar M where the flow rate (liters per hour) is adjusted manually, using the flow meter, and the spray liquid is removed using the negative pressure from the solution tank. The sprayed amount is calibrated manually
- Fontan Mobilstar E where the flow rate (liters per hour) is entered using the keys on the control panel/remote control and appears on the display. The spray liquid is drawn from the solution tank by means of a chemical-resistant stainless steel gear pump. The sprayed quantity can be calibrated electronically.
- Fontan Mobilstar ER. This latest model is equipped in the same way as the E model, but the flow rate of the sprayed solution can be adjusted to 'liters per hour' or 'liters per kilometer'. The machine has a radar system that allows the flow to synchronize with the speed when the setting is for l/km. The radar system works for speeds between 3 and 25 km/h. In this interval, the sprayed amount is controlled in such a way as to achieve uniform coverage, regardless of the speed of the vehicle.

Control panel/remote control:
Fontan Mobilstar model M: ignition key for starting the engine, stand-by indicator, spray button, cleaning button, spray mode indicators (ULV/LV), error indicator.

- For the Fontan Mobilstar E/ER models: ignition with a key to start the engine, stand-by indicator, spray mode selection button (ULV/ULV-Plus/LV) with LEDs, operation selection button 'liters per time', buttons for selecting the amount of spraying, a display indicating flow rate and operating hours, confirmation button for the selected spraying program, cleaning button, spraying button, error indicators. The spraying program can be secured by entering a special code, this preventing the modification of the spraying mode or the flow rate until it is unlocked.

Additional functions of the Fontan Mobilstar ER model: operating mode liters per kilometer or liters per hour, display of the distance traveled (in km), display of the vehicle speed, an indicator of the corresponding speed of the vehicle when operating in liters per kilometer mode.

The control panels are mounted on the machine but can be detached and used as remote controls.

Solution tanks:
- The solution tanks are optionally made of polyethylene with level indicator, wide filling mouth, ventilation, drain plug, and quick coupling for the solution hose, with capacities of 80/150/300/500 liters (optional accessories for E and ER models ) or stainless steel with a capacity of 69 liters, with level indicator, wide filling mouth, ventilation, drain plug and quick coupling for the solution hose. The stainless steel tank is standard for the Fontan Mobilstar M model and optional for the Fontan Mobilstar E and ER
- For the Fontan Mobilstar E and ER models, any tank resistant to chemicals available locally can be used, provided that the tank has ventilation and quick coupling.

Standard accessories:
- fuel tank with level indicator, made of steel with a capacity of 20 liters
- tank for cleaning, polyethylene resistant to UV light with a capacity of 5 liters
- Toolbox
- solution funnel, with sieve
- fuel funnel, with sieve
- gasket set
- user manual with a list of spare parts

Optional accessories (available for a fee):
- Dry heavy-duty battery, encapsulated, 12V/36Ah
- Accessory for sewage treatment, with connecting hoses, spray head, and cover
- Polyethylene solution tanks (80/150/300/500), only for Mobilstarx E and ER models
- Stainless steel tank 69 liters, only for Mobilstar E and ER models

Please read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Swingtec
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Metal
Apparatus Type Cold Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Vehicle Mounted
Color Grey
Tank Capacity over 30 litres
Power Petrol Engine

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