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Buddy Tape - 5 m

Out of stock

Buddy Tape - 5 m

eu stocker special unit buddy tape 5 m - 0

Buddy Tape - 5 m

Out of stock

Product information

The Buddy Tape is a remarkable product, specially created for grafting. This product is the result of innovative thinking and a special processing technique possessing unique functional properties. The high performance of Buddy Tape not only makes the grafting process quick and easy but also ensures a high success rate.

The unique properties of Buddy Tape include:


- Buddy Tape can be stretched up to 8 times its original length;
- This allows the use of small pieces of grafting tape for application and ensures a tight grip of the bud or graft;
- The elasticity of the Buddy Tape grafting tape also means that the tape expands as the grafted plant develops.


- the Buddy Tape is not adhesive in its normal form, but becomes self-adhesive when stretched;
- this allows a quick application, it is not necessary to make knots for binding.


- Buddy Tape has a wax content that makes it waterproof, so the buds or graft will not dry out, but air can pass through the tape allowing the bud to breathe
- The wax content of the Buddy Tape graft tape also means that the use of the Buddy Tape graft tape eliminates the need for waxing in the covered areas, reducing the cost of the grafting operation.

Complete bud cover:

- The Buddy Tape graft tape is pierced by the bud as it grows, and due to the permeable nature of the Buddy Tape graft tape, which allows the bud to breathe, the buds are thus completely covered.
- This provides protection against infections and insects.


- Buddy Tape grafting tape degrades naturally by sun exposure, eliminating the additional costs of cutting standard plastic grafting strips while providing an environmentally responsible response to waste
- It degrades naturally, in 5-6 months from the application, eliminating the need to remove the tape.


  - the width of the Buddy Tape grafting strip is 25 mm
  - the length of a roll of Tape Buddy Tape is 40 m

To make full use of the unique features of Buddy Tape, we recommend that the tape be stretched gradually as it is applied. As there is a normal tendency to stretch the grafting tape to its maximum length and wrap it tightly, this can make the tape too tight and cut the plant as it grows. That is why we recommend that you do the stretching progressively as you apply the grafting tape.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Stocker
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Plastic
Power Manual
Apparatus Type Grafting
Color Transparent
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor

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