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eu stihl sprayer fogger sr 430 - 8, thumbnail

SR 430

Out of stock

SR 430

eu stihl sprayer fogger sr 430 - 8

SR 430

Out of stock

Product information

SR-430 is a high-capacity sprayer that's easy to use and comes with a large spraying tank. Simple and fast to turn on, this machine is different from the other machines in its range thanks to its Anti-Vibration system which protects the user's health by reducing the level of vibration produced by the engine. Moreover, the integrated ElastoStart system reduces the shock forces produced by the engine resulting in muscles and joints protection.

Properties and benefits:
- Gasoline-powered liquid-only;
- Comfortable to wear;
- Anti-vibration system;
- Multi-function control handle;
- Adjustable Support Harness;
- Simple E-Start logic;
- Soft rubber grips;
- ElastoStart; 

1 14 litres tank with large filling hole. The tank has a bigger capacity than the previous model, so it can run much longer without refill. Due to its large filling hole, refilling its faster and cleaner. The tank cand be easily cleaned.
2 2 in 1 mechanical processing (only at SR450). The sprayer can be easily turned from sprayer to mist blower without the need of technical knowledge from the user.
3 One hand multifuncional handle. On the multifunctional handle you can find the motor command buttons and the spray agents supply valve. Beside that, you can engage and disengage without any loss, fast and easy, with one hand, the spray agents supply.
4 Dosage system with confortable dosage lever (only at SR 450). The big mist blowing and granulated substance application lever is located under the command lever. With one single movement you can engage and disengage the powder flow and also adjust the exact concentration in fine internediar steps. 
5 Stihl anti-vibration system. The anti-vibration system reduces the vibrations of the motor. In this way, your back muscles are protected.
6 STIHL ElastoStart. Quick and easy ingition starting system with starting handle. ElastoStart will allow quick and easy ignition, without backdown.
7 2-MIX motor with air admision intermediar system. During the inlet, a layer of air without fuel separates the burnt load in the combustion chamber from the fresh air from the sump, reducing the losses of fuel resulted from the process.The result: Bigger power, 20% bigger spray distance, 20% fewer fuel consumption and 50% less evacuation gas. In this way the EU evacuation gas provisions are respected.

Technical information:

Cubic capacity 63,3 cm³
Fuel tank capacity 1,7 l
Max air flow  1300 m³/h
Weight 12,2 kg
Vibrations level  1,9 m/s²
Horizontal range 14,5 m
Solution tank capacity 14 l
Acoustic pressure level  97,0 dB(A)
Acoustic power level 

108,0 dB(A)


Instructions and recommendations issued by the manufacturer:
Use for large areas that need fast coverage.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Stihl
Packaging 1 unit
Apparatus Type Mist Blowers
Apparatus Mobility Hand Carried
Color White
Tank Capacity 14 litres
Power Petrol Engine

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