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SR 200


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SR 200

eu stihl sprayer sr 200 - 7

SR 200

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In stock

European Store can dispatch in 3 days


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Product information

The atomiser SR 200 is a professional spray equipment from STIHL that comes with a compact and simple design. Manufactured to make the work easier for the user, this fogger has been designed with a low centre of gravity and close to the user's body for a more comfortable fit. The SR 200 is a machine for crops with small and medium surfaces, with small distances between rows due to its 10 litres tank and the usage across 2.5 m crops.

Properties and benefits:
- Equipped with a Stihl 2-mix engine;
- 2-stage engines;
- The lightest on the market;
- Motor: 2-mix;
- Cubic capacity: 27.2 cc;
- Operating area: 2.5 m;
- Tank volume: 10 l;
- Single-hand multifunction handle;
- Protective collar with spill protection;
- Cone, deflection and double-deflection mesh as standard;
- Anti vibration system.

Technical Data:
- Volume:18 litres;
- Weight: 4.8 kg;
- Max pressure: 6 bar;
- Flow: up to 1.4 l/min;
- The pump can be used with both hands;
- Designed for fungicides, pesticides and herbicides;

Instructions and recommendations issued by the manufacturer:
- Use to keep pests away by applying pesticides;
- Outdoors around yards, landscapes, greenhouses and more to control mosquitoes and other pests;
- Before using make sure you use the proper PPE when handling the sprayer;
- Choose a type of insecticide liquid that works for you and mix into the sprayer tank;
- Choose the amount of diluted solution you need for an application;
- Twist the cap off the top and fill it up exactly halfway full with water and pour the chemical into the backpack according to the proper application rates;
- Shake the backpack a bit and then top off the sprayer the rest of the way with water required for proper mix;
To start the engine:
- Place the setting level on I and then press the manual fuel pump bulb at least five times. Carefully place the unit securely on the ground and then pull the starter grip;
- Adjust the sprayer to the right setting before applying the spray to target areas;
- When not in use, store the sprayer down in a cool dry place.


1 Tank cover
2  Solution tank
 3  Exhaust silencer
 4  Handle demarator
 5  Spark plug
 6  Fuel pump
 7  Carburator adjustement screws
 8  Impact throttle rotating button
 9  Air filter
 10  Fuel tank cover
 11  Fuel tank
 12  Deflector Grid
 13  Proportionar part
 14  Nozzle
 15  Blower tube
 16  Accelerator lever
 17  Position lever
 18  Valve lever for solution intake
 19  Accelerator lever blocking element (available based on country)
 20  Curly hose
 21  Back pillow
 22  Belt
 23  Back plate
 #  Machine serial number ( Remove filter cover - the serial number is located on the inner side of the blower housing

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Stihl
Packaging 1 unit
Apparatus Type Mist Blowers
Apparatus Mobility Hand Carried
Color White
Tank Capacity 10 litres
Power Petrol Engine

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