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When buying equipment that we provide from brands such as Igeba, Tifone, Solo, Swingtec, STIHL, Volpi, you will also automatically receive a 12-month warranty for the product.

In case of need, we can also provide you with instructions on how to properly maintain your equipment, so that it does not get damaged with time.

Our well trained and experienced team can provide you with details on how to store your equipment, ways in which to take care of it and what type of maintenance is usually needed for these products.

When it comes to caring for equipment, for example fort sprayers, you should:

  • empty them daily;
  • rinse them thoroughly with water, to remove any residue;
  • spray residuals twice using water, to make sure the product is thoroughly cleaned.

Maintaining your equipment is easy, as all you need to do is:

  • clean existing filters occasionally;
  • grease all the moving parts regularly;
  • check the flow of the nozzle, if the case;
  • check any other functions regularly, like the sprayer one;
  • check the tank for damage.

The most important part when it comes to storing your equipment, be it sprayers, foggers, or any other type, such as a special unit, is to make sure you keep it out of frost or direct sunlight. Remove pumps, if they exist and store the equipment empty and dry.

List of Discounts

  • 2%
    For orders between €350 and €500

    Discount code: NXL-2%

  • 4%
    For orders between €500 and €1000

    Discount code: NXL-4%

  • 5%
    For orders above €1000

    Discount code: NXL-5%

  • None of the discounts is applicable for products in the 'Sprayers-Foggers' and 'Special Units' categories.
  • It is not possible to accumulate more coupons in your shopping cart.