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Seeds for Pepper

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  • eu pieterpikzonen seed slonovo uvo 100 g - 1, small

    Long Pepper Elephant Ear Solonovo Uvo, 100 g

  • eu pop vriend seed kapya max 100 g - 1, small

    Kapia Pepper Max, 100 g

  • eu rocalba seed red pepper pedral 1 g - 0, small

    Red Pepper Pedral, 1 g

  • eu rocalba seed red pepper pedral 100 g - 0, small

    Red Pepper Pedral, 100 g

    Out of stock

  • eu rocalba seed green pepper peleus 100 g - 0, small

    Green pepper Peleus, 100 g

    Out of stock

Filter results
Filter results

About Seeds

Seeds are used to propagate many crops, such as cereals, legumes, aromatic plants, flowers, trees and grasses. Seeds are also a source of feed. Depending on the culture technology, these can be for amateur or professional use, hybrids and many other well-established varieties.

Because of climate change and the improvement of the culture method, scientists have developed hybrids. A hybrid is created when the breeders intentionally cross (by pollination) two different varieties of a plant. The descendant will have the best traits of each parent, such as the larger size of the fruit, disease resistance, indeterminate growth etc.

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  • eu kwizda insecticid agro dantop 50 wg 35 g - 1, small
  • eu pop vriend seed great northern 1 kg - 1, small
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