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About Seeds Treatment

Seed treatment is a concept that implies using an application of biological, physical, or chemical agents, prior to planting the seeds. They are meant to protect and improve the establishment of healthy crops, by disinfection, disinfestation, and protection.

They help in optimizing crop production as they protect the plants from rotting or other pests and disease. They can also help by making seeds less attractive to birds. By applying such treatments directly to the seed, they become more efficient and effective, as they help in increasing germination, and can even use plant growth hormones to enhance the crop performance during its growing season. By choosing to use seed treatments in agriculture and horticulture, you are more environmentally friendly, than by applying pesticides, after the crops have already grown.

Depending on the type of seed treatment, you can use Fungicides and Insecticide, Microbial Inoculants, Plant Growth Regulators, or Fertilizers. Treatments also depend on the condition of the seed, as they can be used to help with injured seeds, diseased seed, undesirable soil conditions, or disease-free seeds, just to protect them.

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