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Thank you for choosing Nexles!

We are constantly evaluating the quality of our products and services, the prices we have, and the communication offered by our specialists. We want to offer you the best experience!
Our website has all the necessary information and helps you choose the most suitable option for your pest control needs. Your opinion has guided and helped us get here. We will always analyze the feedback you provide so that we can continue on the same path.

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Excellent (Ratings)
Description and Information
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Products - Quality and Efficiency
Courier Company
Peter P. 08/04/2024
Sometimes to expensive shipping!;
Didier L. 10/03/2024
Transport très élevé..;
Bryan M. 27/10/2023
Very happy with your service and product ;
Oxana S. 03/09/2023
The best customer service ;
Eddy R. 17/07/2023
Efficient and fast service.;
Torbjörn B. 07/07/2023
You are fantastic;
Nicolas V. 02/07/2023
Super working product Very nice packaging in small ammound For me as a small user a big +;
Jaak H. 14/06/2023
Dit product is net hetgeen ik zocht , het werkt uitstekend ,ik ben 200 % tevreden .Dank aan Nexles.;
Lajos Z. 06/06/2023
Quality product and fast delivery, Thanks!; Very good product;
August J. 04/06/2023
Very quick delivery,and good product;
Francis M. 13/05/2023
Easy site, slightly lagging on seeds. Possible duplication or not grouping same species together. I would still recommend this site.;
Philippe J. 04/05/2023
Très bon site pour les pro merci ;
Johan C. 24/04/2023
As always, great service, speedy handling och good prices.;
Johan C. 16/04/2023
As always, a pleasure working with you.;
Aivars S. 30/03/2023
4 stars, because is not a season yet and I have not tried items;
Vedran V. 05/03/2023
If payment step fails, there is no way to choose a different method for the same order. It is simply marked as completed.;
Bjorn W. 03/03/2023
Yes, the Captan 80DWG can fight the disease red scorch on Hippeastrum, but you must remove the leaves, and if the disease penetrated the bulb neck, I suggest that you must clean the bulb and immerse it in the Captan solution - I will just try this! Then replant the bulb. In any case, multiple treatments are required. So you see, at this stage I don't know if I should spray or water the solution on the plants, and how often. Time will tell! BW;
Bjorn W. 14/02/2023
The red scorch on Hippeastrum seems to be a very stubborn disease and the disease attack was extensive, so one week after the first spraying with Signum I sprayed with Captan 80. Despite this some nasty red spots reappeared on some leaves. It can also be said that the mos severely affected leaves were removed before the treatment. The leafless bulbs were treated on the bulb neck. My question is: can you water with the suspension of these two fungicides? The first new leaves after the treatment are without stains, so far! BW;
jonathan G. 10/01/2023
Very Professional and very efficient ;
Jeroen V. 08/11/2022
Suggestion: get the product and its functions easier to find on the internet;
Maria A. 13/10/2022
Very efficient and prompt service; very good service;
Phil S. 04/10/2022
I have had excellent results using this product, would highly recommend it to anyone.;
jonathan G. 04/10/2022
Great and very professional 2 tumbs up!;
Johan C. 04/09/2022
As usual great service, fast devliveries.;
Jelena R. 02/08/2022
Sending a parcel is fast. Delivery to Estonia is very fast. I definitely recommend this site to others.;
J T M W. 08/07/2022
Great Company! This is my second order, the first order arrived right on time, Information mails and Track & Trace worked perfect, paid with online wire transfer without any problems or difficulties, Site and product information is very good! Thank you! :);
Olivier D. 04/07/2022
Fast delivery;
Marton K. 17/06/2022
Very good service,will buy again. Thank you.; Very good service,will buy again. Thank you.;
Zabiullah N. 12/06/2022
Thanks . Which reference number I send money ;
Cheryl V. 09/06/2022
Extremely good product but shipping was quite on the high side. Still very satisfied. Thanks;
Eskil N. 03/06/2022
Clean Up Xpert fungerar så bra som jag tänkt mig. Tar bort allt som jag inte vill skall växa på utvalda platser.;
Bernard D. 30/05/2022
commande passee en attente du produit. SALUTATIONS;
Jaroslav F. 28/05/2022
Výborné ceny, a rýchla doprava.;
florent g. 28/04/2022
Good product very effective;
Akkelien P. 21/04/2022
10/10 would buy again. fast shipping;
Daniel N. 08/04/2022
Good Service ;
Geert v. 22/03/2022
Product is very useful and I got the order in a week, with is very fast if you consider the distance.;
david p. 27/01/2022
Excellent service, no problems at all.; Brilliant product. Has eradicated our cluster flies and every other insect - I think, from our loft. Have purchased 2 more fumigators because we know that the flies may come back in spring.;
Renaud C. 24/01/2022
Last Order was perfect. Thanks;
Jan v. 17/12/2021
Goed maar niet de goedkoopste. zeer goede service;
Meelis L. 08/12/2021
Wery guud!;
Claus H. 29/11/2021
Order and Delivery was OK. No Problem. Thank You. CPH;
Ján Č. 07/11/2021
Som spokojný, odporúčam každému nákup u tejto spoločnosti ;
Miroslav J. 03/11/2021
Michi V. 14/10/2021
I look forward to verifying the effectiveness of the product to give a definitive judgment;
H.A. N. 25/09/2021
I got the product very quickly. The parcel was well packed, there was no damage, Aliette WG 80 fungicide was applied. Thank you very much for sending it to my address in the Netherlands. H.A. Nowak. , uit Roermond (NL). ;
Domi C. 05/08/2021
yes everything good;
Timothy M. 04/08/2021
Great website with great products for the Pest Control Industry;
Johan S. 15/07/2021
Good price and service. Top company ;
filipe manuel n. 11/07/2021
empresa responsável e seria ;
Steven W. 07/07/2021
Very happy customer ;
jerome P. 28/06/2021
site very easy to navigate,good products and good prices. ;
JF M. 15/06/2021
Second order with your company. The first order was quickly delivered with the right product. Well done. ;
Alexander T. 29/05/2021
Excellent service with fast reaction and customer-oriented attitude;
jerome P. 28/05/2021
great website;
JEAN PIERRE F. 02/05/2021
Roger b. 25/04/2021
Dit product was moeilijk te vinden in deze beperkte hoeveelheid. Bij jullie vond ik exact wat ik zocht. Prima product.;
2965_1612507726_anonim 2. 12/01/2021
Très sérieux et bon conseil Merci ;
EVAGGELI S. 04/01/2021
Łukasz Z. 24/12/2020
Helpful service at a high level; Very helpful people thanks for help ;
Aidan C. 09/12/2020
Great company. Very helpful;
Hasan A. 01/12/2020
Thank you. ;
Łukasz Z. 11/11/2020
Great and very helpful service;
M.A. v. 19/10/2020
Prima product en correct gelevert;
richard b. 14/10/2020
Reasonably quick service to the UK;
Karolina M. 02/10/2020
The shipment was fast and the product worked as described. ;
Patrick L. 21/09/2020
I'm very sattisfied and the delivery was also perfect, good products and good service !;
Marie G. 18/09/2020
Very Good site with everything you need against pests. :) ;
Aidan C. 15/09/2020
Prompt despatch quick delivery;
Andrius R. 26/07/2020
There is no such thing as posibility to write you from this webpage. Description - there no guidelines how to dilute Basf signum and other with a water...;
Hanna T. 04/07/2020
Quick delivery, good products ;
jože č. 27/06/2020
Everything is done quickly and very easily.;
jože č. 26/06/2020
All great — next day delivery — products for me in just the right size packaging.;
Rob D. 06/06/2020
Good company to deal with ;
6084_1612507688_anonim 6. 05/06/2020
tip top service thank you...;
2965_1612507726_anonim 2. 27/05/2020
Super efficace ; Très bien ;
6084_1612507688_anonim 6. 15/05/2020
great communication from the office (Isabella is very efficient : -)) thanks ;
Dušan G. 06/04/2020
Super ste hitra dostava ;
AJ s. 03/03/2020
fast delivery and good products;
Natasha M. 24/02/2020
excellent services ;
Aidan C. 22/02/2020
Excellent company to deal with . Great service. Fast delivery;
Auke H. 20/01/2020
Very strong product! Perfect against rats and mice. Shipping went fast, within 1 week to The Netherlands.;
Ruben J. 10/09/2019
sevice is perfect:-)
fjh v. 27/06/2019
goede prijzen en snelle levering ga zo door
Matic S. 03/06/2019
You have pretty high prices. but because of fastest shipping i ordered product at your store. would appreciate any discount.
Markus M. 02/06/2019
I had to check out twice in order to get to the PayPal site...
Elvis A. 27/05/2019
Impressive experience so far but a contact phone number will go a long way
Guy P. 26/05/2019
is there a free transport at a certain buying amount? is my product available at larger amounts (5 or 10 liter)?
Frans M. 16/05/2019
very good , thank you
Simon P. 01/05/2019
Great selection of products for a competitive price. Good customer support too.
Patrick B. 03/03/2019
Hoping for a good delivery. Thanks.
D M. 07/02/2019
Always very helpful.
3717_1612507541_anonim 3. 12/12/2018
site bien fait, j'attend de voir si la livraison est conforme à mes attentent
DIDIER M. 25/11/2018
thanks a lot
Ann-Marie F. 17/10/2018
Exceptionally quick delivery and clear Communication. The trap (CatchMaster 24RGB) was very efficient but needed some extra bait (we used peanut butter). Can highly recommend this Company!
Aleš Z. 17/09/2018
Easy purchase.
José Antonio F. 17/08/2018
Problems with credit card payment. · fails until I gave up and made payment by wire transfer
Rob F. 13/08/2018
I don't know about your pricing, I can't compare, but I suppose they are ok! Kind regards, Rob
Anca B. 26/06/2018
The delivery shall be done only on Friday. Rest of the week I am not at home.
Martin I. 15/06/2018
Good with delivery worldwide. The shipping rate for a small order like this is quite high.
paolo ivano m. 05/05/2018
Molto veloci e dettagliati nel rispondere ai clienti. per quanto mi riguarda, soddisfatto a pieno.
Lugi I. 21/04/2018
Fast response to my request, prompt assistance, waiting for items I've purchased.
Joan L. 19/02/2018
Thanks George for your attention.
Adrian R. 12/02/2018
Great site - good products!
tipa r. 13/10/2017
Testing branch Security Updates
Martina S. 09/10/2017
I struggled a bit to see how I mix the product - how much it will make up once diluted.
D M. 21/08/2017
Klara T. 10/07/2017
Thank you for the fast service
test t. 03/07/2017
wide range of products
Klara T. 20/06/2017
In Bucharest I was buying this product and is working well Please, send in Budapest, Hungary on the shortest way Klara Tamas
Fiona G. 17/05/2017
Wonderful communication and service, the checkout process from the UK was a little complicated but the staff are very helpful and the prices are great. The choices of product are so much better than here in the UK so I have more control over my plants diseases.
Miha B. 15/05/2017
yes, because it has a wide range of products
George T. 03/05/2017
yes, i would recommend because of the complete portfolio of products. Hope the delivery will be fast.
Giulio F. 26/04/2017
Yes, very friendly. Thanks
Rob F. 15/12/2016
I found it a bit confusing to confirm my payment in an other currency.
Jana P. 12/12/2016
it seems you have all the products i needed. Website seems quite nicely done. Prices are workable.
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