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eu pigeon free system repellent deflector invisible 0 5 m - 0, thumbnail

Deflector Invisible, 0.5 m

Out of stock

Deflector Invisible, 0.5 m

eu pigeon free system repellent deflector invisible 0 5 m - 0

Deflector Invisible, 0.5 m

Out of stock

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Product information

Invisible deflector is a polycarbonate device designed to function as a deterrent to birds and especially pigeons.

It is an innovative and ecological solution for the dislocation of pigeons.

The invisible deflector solves the problem of birds and pigeons, in a simple and fast way.

The success of the device is given by its innovative shape: a smooth and transparent tilting surface that rotates around an axis of rotation parallel to the longitudinal axis of the inclined surface.

Once the bumper is mounted in the area to be protected, the invisible deflector remains in an inclined position.

The smooth and sloping surface can be easily placed in the desired area. When the birds come in contact with the device, it slides on the inclined surface and causes the oscillation from the inclined position to the horizontal one, the surface becoming unstable, which forces them to move away.

In time, the birds end up leaving the area where the deterrent device was installed.

Invisible deflector consists of 3 parts:
-Deflector (image 1) - smooth, transparent surface with a length of 50 cm, which revolves around the pins of the T-bars.
-The base of the device (image 2) - the support and fixing structure, with a length of 50 cm.
-T-Bar (image 3) - structure with a length of 7 cm, which contains pins that allow the deflector to tilt.

The package contains clips and screws for fixing the device.

Assembly instructions:

Join the bases and fix them with the screws provided in the package.

Connect the T-shaped bar to the base of the device and secure it.

Connect the deflector with the T: E and F bars.

Fix the base of the device on the surface you want to protect, using adhesive or screws.

Invisible deflector can be used outdoors at temperatures between -15 ° and 110 ° C, regardless of humidity.

The device does not need special cleaning because it was designed to "clean itself" during use.

If cleaning the Invisible Deflector is required, use only water and a damp cloth.

Size (L x W x H): 56 x 41 x 26 cm

Content: Installation set for 15 meters.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Pigeon Free System
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Plastic
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Touch
Power Manual
Usage Area Outdoor

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