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pelgar disinfectant decontamination kit - 2, thumbnail

Disinfectant Decontamination Kit


In stock

  • pelgar disinfectant decontamination kit - 2
  • pelgar disinfectant decontamination kit - 2
  • pelgar disinfectant decontamination kit - 2
  • pelgar disinfectant decontamination kit - 2

Decontamination Kit

pelgar disinfectant decontamination kit - 2

Disinfectant Decontamination Kit


In stock

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Product information

The Decontamination Kit can be used for any CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) incident.

The most important and most effective decontamination of any chemical exposure is that decontamination is done within the first minute or two after exposure.

The importance of early decontamination cannot be over emphasized. Decontamination of the skin and clothing should be accomplished quickly if it is to be fully effective.

Decontamination Kit is a self-decontamination and this early action will make the difference between survival and death or severe injury.

The Kit contains Fullers Earth, naturally occurring sedimentary clay composed mainly of alumina, silica, iron oxides, lime, magnesia and water, in variable proportions.

- Highly efficient chemical absorbency;
- Made from 100% Natural Fullers Earth;
- Essential component of any CBRN kit;
- Safety;
- Ease of application by hand;
- Readily available;
- Rapid action;
- Stability in long term storage;
- Short term stability (after issue to unit/individual);
- Affordability;
- NATO, MoD and Home Office approved;
- Made in Great Britain.

Decon Kits are used by:
- British Ministry of Defence;
- NHS ambulance services in the UK;
- British Police Force including the Police National CBRN Centre;
- UK Civil Defence Units;
- Northern Ireland Ambulance & Police;
- Canadian Police;
- New Zealand Defence Force;
- DSTA/SAF (Singapore Armed Forces).

As Military and Emergency Service Personnel, there are risks of Contamination that may result from:
- Deliberate release of biological materials, chemicals & radioactivity.;
- Improvised Radiological Devices (Dirty Bombs);
- Deliberate use of nuclear or improvised nuclear devices;
- Other terrorists acts;
- Unintentional releases;
- Materials in transit & incidents at sea;
- Industrial & commercial sites, laboratories & hospitals;
- Exposure to infectious diseases such as MRSA, Tuberculosis, HIV and more;
- Exposure to saliva, vomit, faeces, urine & blood.

Research also shows that dry decontamination, the blotting and rubbing of exposed skin surfaces with dry absorbent material, is the most effective means and for non-caustic agents on this basis they recommend that dry decontamination should be considered the default process for an incident involving most chemicals.

The Decontamination kit contains 4  BLOT-BANG-RUB double sewn sachets containing 20g of highly absorbent natural Calcium Montmorrillonite (Fullers Earth).


Additional Information

Manufacturer Pelgar
Packaging 1 set
Destination use N/A
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations Powder
Treatment of Skin
Spectrum No
Actives No
Active Substance Concentration N/A

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