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eu nufarm seed treatment tenazol 60 fs 1 l - 0, thumbnail

Tenazol 60 FS, 1 litre

Out of stock

Tenazol 60 FS, 1 litre

eu nufarm seed treatment tenazol 60 fs 1 l - 0

Tenazol 60 FS, 1 litre

Out of stock

Product information

Tenazol 60 FS is a concentrated suspension fungicide with systemic action for seed treatment.

Treated plants: Wheat, Barley 

Mode of action: The new formulation of the product increases the systemic action against pathogens located both on the surface of the seed and inside it. After treatment, the active substance penetrates the seed, then the young seedlings, protecting them for a long time.

Tenazol 60 FS acts by inhibiting ergosterol biosynthesis in the cell walls of target pathogens.

How to use: Tenazol 60 FS is mixed with water, using 8-10 liters for each ton of seed treated, depending on the type of machine with which the treatment is applied and the quality of the seed (dust content, chaff, impurities).

In case of using a larger amount of water (about 10 liters/ton) the sowing will be done immediately after the seed treatment.liters/ton

When bagging the treated seeds, especially those treated with the addition of water, which is stored for sowing, plastic foil bags will not be used, and storage until sowing will be done in dry, well-ventilated areas, separate from the intended seed consumption.

When applying the treatment it is very important to observe the dose of use and to obtain a uniform distribution on the surface of the seed.

Compatibility: The product is compatible with most fungicides and insecticides (imidacloprid) used in the treatment of seeds.

For proper use, consult the compatibility list before use and perform a verification test.


Crop  The pathogen  Dose
Wheat  Tilletia, Fusarium oxysporum 0.5 l/ton
Barley  Ustilago avenae, Pyrenophora gramineum 0.5 l/ton

Additional Information

Manufacturer Nufarm
Packaging 1 litre
Formulations FS-concentrated seed treatment suspension
Active Substances Tebuconazole
Active Substance Concentration 60 g/litru
Crops Barley, Wheat
Diseases Fusarium wilt, Leaf stripe, Tilletia
Application Type Low pressure spray

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