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eu nufarm seed treatment nuprid max al 222 fs 1 l - 0, thumbnail

Nuprid Max AL 222 FS, 1 litre

Out of stock

Nuprid Max AL 222 FS, 1 litre

eu nufarm seed treatment nuprid max al 222 fs 1 l - 0

Nuprid Max AL 222 FS, 1 litre

Out of stock

Product information

NUPRID MAX AL 222 FS is a conditioned product in the form of a concentrated, fine, homogeneous, red aqueous suspension. During prolonged storage, deposits may appear which, however, by slight agitation, return to suspension.

Treated plants: Wheat, Rye, Barley, Triticale, Hordeum distichon

Mode of action: Applied on seeds, it acts as a systemic product, being absorbed by the roots and translocated into plants. Due to the content of tebuconazole, it acts preventively and curatively on phytopathogens that are transmitted through seeds and soil, protecting wheat, barley, and barley crops from some of the most damaging specific diseases with the external and internal infection, such as common malaria and fusariosis. wheat, flying embers, and tearing of barley and barley leaves. Due to its imidacloprid content, it acts on pests in soil and plants, providing them with very good protection against several pests that damage straw cereal crops in the first part of the vegetation period. The insecticidal action of the product is based on the rapid effect on the nervous system of insects.

How to use: The treatment of seeds for sowing is done with machines equipped for semi-wet / wet treatment of seeds, must be provided with devices for continuous agitation of the contents of the tank, before and throughout the treatment operations and be well adjusted, for ensuring the recommended doses/ton of seed and good and uniform coverage of the seeds.

Before pouring into the tank of the machine to be treated, the contents of the package are shaken well for homogenization. The completely emptied package is immediately rinsed with 1-2 l of water/package (depending on the size), which is added to the tank of the treatment machine.

Depending on the equipment and own experience, the recommended product lactose per ton of seeds, 4-6 liters of water/ton of seed can be added, taking into account the water added from rinsing the emptied packaging.

It is recommended that the seeds be treated as close as possible to the optimal sowing period. When bagging the treated seeds, plastic foil bags will not be used, and the storage, until sowing will be done in dry, well-ventilated spaces, separate from the seeds intended for consumption or industrial processing. The treated seed cannot be used from one year to another and cannot be used for purposes other than sowing. It is forbidden for the treated seed to be used in human or animal feed or for obtaining consumer products by industrial processing.


Crop  The pests  Dose
Wheat Tilletia, Fusarium oxysporum, Aphids, to prevent the appearance of the phenomena of yellowing, dwarfing, and wheat azoospermia 2.5 l/ton
Agriotes lineatus
Ground Beetle’s larvae
Barley, Hordeum distichon Ustilago avenae, Pyrenophora gramineum, Aphids to prevent the yellowing phenomena and the dwarfing of the autumn barley 2.5 l/ton
Agriotes lineatus
Ground Beetle’s larvae
Rye, Triticale Tilletia, Fusarium oxysporum, Agriotes lineatus, Ground Beetle’s larvae 2.5 l/ton

Additional Information

Manufacturer Nufarm
Packaging 1 litre
Formulations FS-concentrated seed treatment suspension
Active Substances Tebuconazole
Active Substance Concentration 210 g/litru; 12 g/litru
Crops Barley, Hordeum distichon, Rye, Wheat

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