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eu nufarm growth regulator stabilan 100 ml - 0, thumbnail

Stabilan, 100 ml

Out of stock

Stabilan, 100 ml

eu nufarm growth regulator stabilan 100 ml - 0

Stabilan, 100 ml

Out of stock

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Product information

Stabilan is a growth regulator capable of producing a number of physiological changes. It is quickly absorbed into plants within 2-4 hours, especially in conditions of high humidity. It acts on the waist of plants as a growth inhibitor.

Treated plants: Rapeseed, Wheat

- Applied to wheat, it thickens the straw and shortens the internodes, thus preventing the plants from falling. 

- Used for rapeseed, it determines the formation of lateral shoots and also the branching of the root, bringing a significant increase in production (5-25%).

How to use it:

- For wheat: the dose is 1.8-2 l / ha depending on soil fertility.

The moment of application is the end of the sibling or at the beginning of the straw elongation, between the first and the second internode, depending on the local conditions, the variety or the hybrid used.

The treatment can be performed with terrestrial equipment using 100-200 l / water or aircraft with 30-50 l / water/ha.

- For rapeseed: apply it in autumn, to increase the resistance of plants to winter, so 2 l / ha when rapeseed plants have 2-3 leaves, 3.75 l / ha when rapeseed plants have 4-6 leaves, 5 l / ha when rapeseed plants are in the phase of 6-7 leaves.

Compatibility: Stabilan is compatible with most chemicals used in agriculture, but it is recommended to perform a compatibility test before using the mixture and it is also recommended to consult the compatibility tables. When using Stabilan in combination with fertilizers or herbicides, the timing of application should be correlated with the vegetation phase.

Precautions: Avoid drifting on neighboring crops, and wash the spraying equipment thoroughly after treatment!


Crop  Action mode  Dose/Concentration
Wheat  Thickening of straw and shortening of internodes 1.8-2 l/ha
Rape Increasing the resistance of plants to wintering 2 l/ha (phase of 2-3 leaves)
3.75 l/ha (phase of 4-6 leaves)
5 l/ha (phase of 6-7 leaves)

Additional Information

Precautions No
Hazard statements No
Manufacturer Nufarm
Packaging 100 ml
Destination use Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
Shelf life (years) 2
Formulations SL-soluble concentrate
Crops Rapeseed, Tomatoes, Wheat
Active Substances Chlormequat chloride
Active Substance Concentration 400 g/litru
Bio Crops Not suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

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