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eu monsanto herbicide roundup gel 150 ml - 2, thumbnail

Roundup gel, 150 ml

Out of stock

Roundup gel, 150 ml

eu monsanto herbicide roundup gel 150 ml - 2

Roundup gel, 150 ml

Out of stock

Can be used by
General public / amateur, Professional, Trained professional

Product information

Roundup gel is a total, non-selective professional herbicide with a broad spectrum of weed control. Roundup Gel is a completely new and innovative formula of Roundup herbicide specifically designed to facilitate weed elimination. It is ideal for small gardens of flowers or vegetables, pots or lawns.

- Highly unlike conventional (spraying) because it does not come into contact with the soil or the surrounding plants by applying directly to the leaves
- Multi-purpose weedkiller
- Efficient against annual and deep rooted perennial weeds
- It can be applied at any time
- Active substance: 360 g/L Glyphosate;
- Easy-to-use product and innovative formula;
- Highly effective against a wide range of annual and perennial weeds;
- Non-selective and systemic absorbed through foliage roots;
- Provides a rapid spread from foliage to roots;
- Less labor time;
- Flexible, can be applied at anytime;
- Suitable in various environments;
- Assures a safe and protected environment.

Action mode:
Roundup gel is applied directly to the leaves of the burunens, is absorbed by the plant and enters the sap flow to the weeds growth points.

Methods of application:
- Remove the cover and protective foil from the applicator;
- To release the gel, press the side button (at first use press at least 20 times);
- The amount released from a single push is sufficient for annual and biennial weeds. For perennials, apply a double quantity;
- The application is done by simply touching the Roundup gel of the leaf without dispersing it all over the surface.

- Roundup can be tank-mixed with herbicides to provide residual weed control or a wider weed control spectrum or a different mode of action.
- Always perform compatibility test.

- Avoid Roundup gel contact with cultivated plants;
- To avoid transferring the herbicide to other plants, avoid the area until the gel is completely dry;
- Do not irrigate the treated area for 6 hours after applying the gel. In case of precipitation, treatment may reduce its effect and may require reapplication;
- Remove cover and protective foil from the applicator;
- To release the gel, press side button;
- At first use press at least 20 times;
- Apply to actively growing weeds;
- Push once to treat docks, nettles or thistles;
- For woody weeds, push twice to double the quantity;
- Apply to every third leaf on the largest ones;
- Simply touch the surface of the leaf without dispersing it.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Monsanto
Packaging 150 ml
Destination use General public / amateur, Professional, Trained professional
Formulations Gel
Active Substances Glyphosate
Active Substance Concentration 360 g/liter
Against Creeping thistle, Field bindweed, Goosegrass, Johnson grass
Crops Balcony flowers
Timing of application Postemergence
Types of weeds annual dicotyledonous, annual monocotyledonous, perennial dicotyledonous, perennial monocotyledonous
Application Type Aerosol

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