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Molluscicides for Asparagus

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About Molluscicides

Molluscicides are pesticides used as a help in agriculture and gardening, in order to control gastropod pests, especially snails and slugs. They can be in the form of baits or pellets, sprays, or powders, and their main ingredient is mostly Metaldehyde, an organic compound. Others are based on metal salts, such as iron or aluminum phosphates. Based on their application, molluscicides can be used for field crops, horticultural crops, turf, and ornamental areas or for industrial purposes. Biological control with the help of nematodes or other predators can also be applied, while mechanical control can take the form of traps, barriers, or through the use of desiccants.

Depending on the ingredient they have at their basis, some molluscicides can also be toxic to other animals and also humans, especially if they act as a contact poison.

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