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Larvicides to get rid of Cockroaches German infestation

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  • novartis-larvicide-neporex-sg-2-5-kg, small

    Neporex SG 2, 5 kg



    • Novartis

      Get rid of:

    • Cockroaches American,
    • Cockroaches German,
    • Cockroaches Oriental,
    • 2 more

      Active Substance:

    • Cyromazine
  • eu syngenta larvicide archer - 0, small


    Out of stock


    • Syngenta

      Get rid of:

    • Ants,
    • Beetles,
    • Cockroaches American,
    • 10 more

      Active Substance:

    • Pyriproxyfen
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Filter results

About Larvicides

Larvicides are a type of insecticides which are specifically designed to destroy larvae, insects in the larva stage. They are most commonly used against mosquitoes and flies. Larvicides have several types of methods of action, such as contact, ingestion, growth regulators and biological control agents. Insects usually have three life stages: egg, larva and pupa. By using larvicides, growth and development into an adult insect is impeded.

Biological control agent Bacillus thuringiensis, also known as BT, is a bacterial disease of caterpillars specifically. Bacillus Thuringiensis Israeleniss is known as BTI and it affects the larvae of mosquitoes and flies. It has begun to be used more increasingly lately. BTI are naturally occurring soil bacteria, but there are products which are usually in the form of granules and pellets, which are spread on the surface of stagnant water. When mosquito larvae ingest the bacteria, toxins destroy their digestive tract.

Chemical agents, such as methoprene, are insect growth regulator agents that interrupt the growth cycle for insect larvae, preventing them from developing in the aft stage. Temephos is an organophosphate that prevents mosquito larvae to develop resistance to bacterial larvicides.

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  • eu bayer insecticid agro decis expert 100 ec 100 ml - 1, small
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