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eu jones son repellent bird spikes polix 60 4 rows - 0, thumbnail

Bird spikes Polix 60/4 rows

Out of stock

Bird spikes Polix 60/4 rows

eu jones son repellent bird spikes polix 60 4 rows - 0

Bird spikes Polix 60/4 rows

Out of stock

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Product information

Spikes against birds are the ideal solution, gentle but effective, for removing birds from spaces such as balconies, roofs, cornices, window sills, historical monuments, bridges, or eaves.

Easy to use, the spikes prevent standing, nesting, or depositing corrosive materials (excrement), preventing their placement in the protected area, without injuring the birds.

After a certain period, the birds will definitely avoid the protected areas. The pigeon being a gliding bird, it needs a space to ensure enough space for landing. If this space is protected with such repellents, then you will look for other places to sit and nest.

The spikes are made of UV resistant polycarbonate and can be used for several seasons, having a high resistance to direct sunlight.

The total length of the strip is over 33.7 cm, three strips covering one meter. If the edge is wider than 20 cm, you can add a second row of spikes, leaving a space of no more than 3 cm between the tips of the spikes. The spines have two additional rows of pines that are sloping outwards, making it impossible for birds or pigeons to land from any direction they could approach.

Technical specifications:
-Spike material: transparent plastic, UV resistant
-Base material: UV resistant polycarbonate
-Number of rows: 4
-Height of spikes: 20 cm
-Length: 33.7 cm

silicone, screws, nails, screws.

Combat activity:
pigeons, another flying

Seats with high flight attendance. They can be placed on cornices, edges, sills

Installation instructions:
-The spikes against birds and pigeons are easy and simple to install, without the need for professional pest control equipment.
-They can be mounted on almost any surface, by gluing with adhesive or silicone, or by fixing with screws through the holes specially attached to their base, depending on the support material. When mounting with adhesive, it is necessary to pre-clean the surface on which it is mounted.
-Their base can be easily attached to beams, bridges, and building edges so that birds can no longer find a flat surface to sit on. Along the base are 10 cross-shaped holes. When the spikes are pressed to an edge, the silicone passes through the holes that form cross-shaped rivets, which lock the spikes firmly in place.
-Along the plastic base are sections that can be broken, or that can be separated with your fingers, the spikes can be easily adjusted, depending on your needs.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Jones & Son Pest Control Supplies
Packaging 1 metre
Formulations Plastic
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Touch
Power Manual
Usage Area Outdoor

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