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Basf Insecticides crops

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  • eu basf insecticide crop alverde 1 l - 1, small

    Alverde, 1 litre

  • eu basf insecticid agro fastac active 100 ml - 1, small

    Fastac Active, 100 ml

  • eu basf insecticide crop alverde 150 ml - 1, small

    Dispatch in 2 days

    Alverde, 150 ml

  • eu basf insecticid agro fastac active 1 litru - 1, small

    Fastac Active, 1 litre

  • eu basf insecticid agro fastac active 5 ml - 2, small

    Fastac Active, 5 ml

  • eu basf acaricid torque 550 sc 1 litru - 1, small

    Torque 550 SC, 1 litre

    Out of stock

  • eu basf acaricide torque 550 sc 1 l - 0, small

    Torque 550 SC, 1 litre

    Out of stock

  • eu basf insecticide crop fastac 10 ec 2 ml - 2, small

    Fastac 10 EC, 2 ml

    Out of stock

Filter results
Filter results

About Insecticides crops

Being a substance meant to kill insects, insecticides can be of different kinds, as they attack insects at different stages of life. Insect growth regulators are meant to inhibit the development of these pests, and depending on what type of pests you are fighting against, you can use ovicides and larvicides, to make sure you stop their growth and reproduction. They are also divided by their ability to alter the ecosystems they come in contact with, as some have a residual, long term activity, and other kill on contact. Insecticides can also be categorised by their natural, biological kind and synthetic, chemical structure.

They can be in solid, liquid or gaseous form, and depending on a different category, they can be classified by whether they will be toxic to unrelated, non-targeted species. Insecticides can also be repellent or non-repellent, with the latter killing slowly, but managing to eradicate more individuals from a colony, as they cannot detect the insecticide and carry it to their nest.

Nearly all insecticides have the potential to significantly alter ecosystems and some are even toxic to humans.

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