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U-15 E/3


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U-15 E/3

U-15 E/3

U-15 E/3

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Product information

U-15 E/3 is a professional fogger of high range and versatile from Igeba. It is built of the best quality stainless steel, with a 20 liters solution tank, high volume of air and a wide spectrum of droplets dosage.
The U 15 E/3 model has, in addition, the stirrer in the solution tank for wet dust form of the product application and the electric timer for pre-spraying or mixing (parallel).

Properties and benefits:
- universal application for pest control and disinfection/hygiene
- suitable for acid based disinfectant only “Unipro5”
- adjustable spray heads 360°
- every nozzle can be operated individually
- excellent distribution with a low noise level
- high penetration depth without requiring
- mixer for solution tank on several models available (particularly important when using wettable powders or BTI)

Technical Data:
- Dimensions: 88 x 57 x 100 cm
- Weight when empty: 115 kg
- 3 Phase motor with a performance of 4 kw
- Power supply: 3 x 380 - 400 V AC / 50 Hz
- Power consumption: 8,2
- Air compressor: side channel blower
- Volumetric flow (m³/min): 3
- It has paper filter and belt drive Operating pressure (bar) 0.28
- Air velocity: 200
- Nominal volume of the stainless steel solution tank [l]: 17
- Number of nozzles: 2
- Adjustability of the aerosol nozzles: 360° adjustable
- Available dosage nozzles: 2 x 0,8 mm optional 2 x 1,0 mm
- Application rates [l/h] (water) for the different dosage nozzles, approx.: 2x Ø 0.8 mm ≙ 20 l/h 2x Ø 1.0 mm ≙ 30 l/h
- Droplet spectrum VMD, only water 10 l. per nozzle < 20 Micrometre
- Control manually / half- or full automatic
- Frame: galvanised steel frame
- Tyres: 4 tyres (2 pneumatic + 2 castors)
- Large greenhouse areas with lengths up to 80 metres can be treated perfectly with IGEBA U15 E
- It has a 4KW (3X400V) motor which produces an air speed of 200 metres/second at the nozzle

Instructions and recommendations issued by the manufacturer:
The equipment is available in several versions such as with a mixer into the solution tank:
- used when working with substances in powder form
- or with timer and automatic control for more efficient operations

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.



Additional Information

Manufacturer Igeba
Packaging 1 unit
Apparatus Type Cold Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Self Carried
Color White
Tank Capacity 20 litres
Power Electric Engine

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