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TF 34 E


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TF 34 E

eu igeba sprayer fogger tf 34 e - 8

TF 34 E

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Product information

Especially made for cleaning operations, the TF 34 E is a model with a pneumatic/mechanical solution cut-off system. Part of the IGEBA professional range, this is a professional thermal fog generator that uses the standard fog tube and was built with the main purpose of indoor fogging. Lightweight and with good emission values, the TF 34 E uses oil-based formulations but it also features a conversion kit for water based solutions.

Properties and benefits:
- New ignition system without the spark generator;
- Quick start;
- With little petrol consumption;
- Almost zero maintenance;
- Solution tank - built of plastic;
- Fuel tank and fog tube - built of stainless steel.
- Solution and fuel tank as well as the fog tube and solution lines made of stainless steel;
- Patented and reliable ignition system without spark plug;
- Conversion kit for water based solutions;
- Easiest starting pulse-jet fogger;
- Conversion kit for water based solutions.

Exhaust gas values Average Max Limit value
Nitrogen oxides 1.9 ppm 2.8 ppm 5 ppm
Carbon monoxide 5.1 ppm 8 ppm 30 ppm
*ppm= in a closed room (70 cubic metres) after 12 min

These results demonstrate that these exhaust gases are harmless. This is an important requirement for use with no objections in enclosed spaces such as rooms, apartments, and houses. The droplet size the fog light produced, measured with oil (easy fraction), for example, diesel injection, kerosene, oil.

Productivity 15 l/h Temperature 18 C Pressure 1010 mbar
Mmd=14 micron Mvd=30 micron D(v.0.9)=20 micron
Technical features
Empty weight but ready to use (incl. LR6 batteries) 6.6 kg
Dimensions 78x27x34
Solution tank 5.7 liters
Fuel consumption in liters/hour 1.1
Combustion chamber performance 10kW/13.6Hp
Flow rate, in liters/hour 25
Horizontal covering surface  100 m
Energy supply 4x1.5v LR6 or LR20

Instructions or recommendations issued by the manufacturer:
- Steri-Fab can not be used in this fogger;
- Both indoors and outdoors;
- For treatment against flying insects and other pests;
- For industrial spaces, solariums and greenhouses, warehouses.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Igeba
Packaging 1 unit
Apparatus Type Thermal Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Hand Carried
Color White
Tank Capacity 5.7 litres
Power Petrol Engine

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