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eu huck bird control repellent prickler 46 cm - 0, thumbnail

Prickler - 46 cm

Out of stock

Prickler - 46 cm

eu huck bird control repellent prickler 46 cm - 0

Prickler - 46 cm

Out of stock

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Product information

Prickler offers a simple, accessible and practical solution for use in any location where you want to deter intruders or unwanted animals, without injuring or endangering their lives.

Prickler spikes prevent the access of unwanted cats and animals to the places where they are fixed, without causing them injuries, but only a major discomfort, which discourages them from climbing.

The spikes are made of polypropylene, are flexible and can be used for several seasons, having a high resistance to direct sunlight. It does not oxidize and resists very well to atmospheric agents, whether it is moisture, rain or snow.

-Keep away unwanted animals, especially cats, without harming them;
-Versatile: can be fixed on fences, walls, pipes, gates, sills, etc .;
-Easy to use: they can be easily installed with dowels/screws or silicone adhesive, depending on the support material;
-Available in two colors: white or brown;
-Flexible and easy to cut;
-Durable and weather-resistant;

Technical specifications:
-Tepi material: polypropylene
-Base material: polypropylene
-Number of rows: 3
-Available colors: white, brown
-Size: 46 x 48 cm

adhesive, screws, screws, serrated tape (plastic collars)

Combat activity:
cats and other small animals

Can be placed on edges, sills, railings, fences, roofs, etc.

Installation instructions:
-Anti-animal spikes are easy and simple to install, without the need for professional pest control equipment.
-They can be mounted on almost any surface, by gluing with adhesive or silicone, or by fixing with screws through the holes specially attached to their base, depending on the support material, being ideal for use on fences, gates, poles, pipes, roofs, public buildings, etc.
-The existing fixing holes along each strip allow easy fixing of the screws. However, if it is not possible to fix with screws or nails, the strips can be installed alternatively with the help of a suitable adhesive.
-When mounting with adhesive, it is necessary to pre-clean the surface on which it is mounted. When the spikes are pressed to an edge, the silicone passes through the holes that form cross-shaped rivets, which lock the spikes firmly in place.
-The tape can be easily cut according to the desired length or width, the spikes can be easily adjusted, depending on your needs.
-To cover large areas, use several strips and fix them next to each other, without gaps.

For obvious safety reasons, installing Prickler spikes at a height less than the height of the head is not recommended.

Prickler spikes are mainly used against cats, fixed on garden walls and fences. It can also be successfully used against small flocks of pigeons.

Simply fasten the spikes to the fence or glue them in the desired place and get rid of problems.

The displayed price is per piece.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Huck Bird Control
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Plastic
Get rid of Birds, Cats
Type of effect Touch
Power Manual
Usage Area Outdoor

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