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hoy hoy trap a roach - 6, thumbnail

Trap A Roach - set of 5


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Trap A Roach - set of 5

hoy hoy trap a roach - 6

Trap A Roach - set of 5


In stock

Express Delivery in Europe

starting at just €12

1-2 Days

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Product information

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A Roach Trap is a trap for cockroaches which comes in the form of a little house. Using technology performance against Japanese beetles and patented since 1973 can be sure that you catch all the bugs in the house. Works effectively and in Japan 49% of the population uses this company's products.

These sticky traps were created to monitor three species of cockroaches basis:

- Blattella germanica (German cockroach)
- Blatta orientalis (Oriental cockroach)
- Periplaneta americana (American Cockroach), but also will attract other species of beetles.

Easy to use, easy to assemble, it can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

Simple to use. Simply stick on the bait and forget it. The amazing bait formula attracts cockroaches within 24 hours. 

Trap-A-Roach HoyHoy is a trusty cockroach bait trap that comes in the shape of a cockcroach "house". Using powerful Japanese pest control technology that is patented and proven to work since 1973, you can be sure that it will home in all the roaches and even house lizards in your house. It works - you can't go wrong. 49% of Japan's 128 million households use this company's products.

The advantages of Trap-A-Roach HoyHoy

Convenient. Keep anywhere, hang on wall, under the sink or fridge. This product has been successfully tested in homes, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, hospitals, cars, boats, factories and many other places!
Effective! Works attracting all roaches to it. Unbelieveable results, see the cockroach house fill up!
Economical. Each cockroach trap can be used up to 3-4 weeks or until it fills up. Simply throw it away when the "house" is full. Trap-A-Roach Hoyhoy traps come in a mini box and each consists of 5 sets of traps! A shipping carton box contains 20 mini boxes and each has a dimension and weight of 37,5 x 23 x 23cm, Gross Weight 3.6kg, Net Weight 3.2kg!

Like many others, we have tried those baits that claim to kill roaches all the way to their nesting place but they simply don't work!  Cockroaches build up resistance to chemical sprays and poisons and over time most of the baits become useless against these smart insects. 

Safe! No Poisonous Chemicals. Trap-A-Roach's bait is entirely made of 100% non-hazardous natural material, so there is no risk of injestion by non-intended targets. Safe for kids and pets!

Each trap contains a very good food.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Earth Chemical Co Ltd
Packaging set of 5
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations No
Trap type Glue
Power in W No
Protected Surface No
Color Red
Get rid of Cockroaches German, Cockroaches Oriental, Spiders
Reusable Are not
Power No
Dimensions 21 x 10 cm
Usage Area Indoor

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