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eu hauert fertilizer grass cornufera quickstart 21 25 kg - 0, thumbnail

Grass Cornufera Quickstart 21, 25 kg

Out of stock

Grass Cornufera Quickstart 21, 25 kg

eu hauert fertilizer grass cornufera quickstart 21 25 kg - 0

Grass Cornufera Quickstart 21, 25 kg

Out of stock

Product information

Cornufera Quickstart 21 from Hauert is a nitrogen-based organo-mineral fertilizer with soil-improving properties, ideal for maintaining the density and durability of the lawn.

-Total nitrogen (N) 21%
-Ammoniacal nitrogen 12.3%
-Nitric nitrogen 7.7%
-Organic matter 15%

Cornufera Quickstart 21 is a granular fertilizer for initial application at the beginning of the season.

It contains 21% nitrogen, the most important nutrient for the lawn, which contributes to the rapid growth of the lawn and determines its healthy color.

Cornufera Quickstart 21 contains both forms of nitrogen that can be taken up by the plant: nitric nitrogen and ammoniacal nitrogen. The fertilizer provides, on the one hand, the nitrates that the plant needs, and on the other hand, it provides the nitrogen necessary for the development of the crop during the entire vegetation season. It has a long lasting action, up to 6 weeks.

Granulation: 1.5 - 3.5 mm

Application rate: 30-40 g / m²

Application period: March-September

Method of application:
It is recommended to apply starting with March until the beginning of September in a dose of 30-40 g / m², by uniform spreading of the granules on the mowed and dry lawn.

The amount of fertilizer applied must be correlated with the Nitrogen requirement (N) of the plants and with the structure and composition of the soil.

Hauert Cornufera Quickstart 21 can be used to fertilize lawns, lawns and land.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hauert
Packaging 25 kg
Formulations Granules
Crops Grass
Active Substances Nitrogen
Active Substance Concentration 0.21
Bio Crops Suitable

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