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Harmony 50 SG, 100 g


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Harmony 50 SG, 100 g

eu dupont erbicid harmony 50 sg 100 g - 1

Harmony 50 SG, 100 g

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Product information

Harmony 50 SG is a selective, systemic, sulfonylureic herbicide for post-emergence control of broad-leaved weeds in soybean crops.

Active substance: 50% thifensulfuron methyl


Harmony 50 SG is a selective, systemic, sulfonylureic herbicide for post-emergence control of broad-leaved weeds in soybean crops. This at a very low dose, effectively combats important broad-leaved weeds. At the same time, Harmony 50 SG rapidly translocates the entire plant and affects the resistance organs of perennial weeds. Following the use of this herbicide, rotation of soybean crops is not restricted, and the crop is left clean by weeds and allows easy harvesting.

The new formulation technology, soluble granules, gives the product the following benefits:

  • The product quickly entered the suspension;
  • Better blend with partners;
  • Completely reinserted to resume work after accidental interruptions (rain, strong wind, etc.);
  • Higher precision when dosing the product - Does not produce dust, the risk of inhalation during handling is minimal.

 Action mode:

Harmony 50 SG is absorbed through leaves and roots and is rapidly translocated throughout the plant. Cell division is inhibited at the growth peaks of the shoots and roots of susceptible plants. Weed growth is stopped a few hours after application, but the visible symptoms appear only after 5-10 days and death occurs after 15-25 days. The growth of weeds that are more resistant and advanced in vegetation is blocked and no longer competes with culture for water and nutrients.


Apply after the full growth of the first trifoliated leaves (phase 13, BBCH). Maximum efficacy is achieved in the 2-4 leaf leaves of the annual leaf broadleaf. Take all the measures to reduce the pot dermatitis, during application.
Do not apply to crops affected by stress (drought, extreme temperatures, water puddings, insect infestation, nutritional deficiencies or other factors that reduce plant growth). Do not apply on very sandy soil with very low organic content. It is not used for protection of lawns or ornamental plants. Do not apply in flowing water or in areas with water surfaces.
Harmony 50 SG is not phytotoxic if used in accordance with these instructions and recommended doses.

Crop rotation after treatment is not restricted. If the culture treated with Harmony 50 SG is compromised for various reasons, any other culture may follow 30 days after treatment.

Maximum number of treatments / year: 1

Solution volume: 200-400 l / ha

Treated plants: Soy

Combat weeds: Ambrozia elatior, Xanthium spp., Portulaca oleracea, Polygonum spp, Chenopodium spp., Loburica tetrabite, Macris spp, Matricaria spp,  Sinapis arvensis, Abutilon theophrasti, Thlaspi arvense, Rapanus raphanistrum, Stellaria media, Amaranthus spp., Capsella bursa-pastoris.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dupont
Packaging 100 g
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations WG-water dispersible granules
Herbicides Active Thifensulfuron-methyl
Active Substance Concentration 500 g/kg
Against Black nightshade, Chickweed, Common hemp-nettle, Field penny-cress, Pale persicaria, Shepherd's purse, Spear saltbush, Wild mustard, Wild radish
Crops Soybean
Dosage No
Timing of application Postemergence
Types of weeds annual dicotyledonous
Application Type Low pressure spray

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