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eu dupont erbicid gulliver 50 wg 200 g - 1, thumbnail

Gulliver 50 WG, 200 g

Out of stock

Gulliver 50 WG, 200 g

eu dupont erbicid gulliver 50 wg 200 g - 1

Gulliver 50 WG, 200 g

Out of stock

Product information

Gulliver 50 WG, 200 g is a herbicide with contact and root action, for quality weed control in rice. It is quick-acting and leads to the necrosis of targeted plants within 10 to 15 days, thus helping you achieve a higher level of crop health and yield.

- Highly effective against the main weeds in rice crops;
- Selective for all varieties of rice;
- Adapted for cultivation technologies (submerged or saturated soil);
- Highly efficient results in all climatic conditions;
- Easy to use, low use rats, solid formulation, safe to use.

Action mode:
Gulliver 50 WG is a systemic sulfonylurea herbicide for selective control during post-emergence:
- The product is absorbed through the leaves and partly through the roots, and the active substance is translocated through the woody vessels of the plants;
- The herbicide stops weed development after 4 to 6 hours following application. It delivers a mode of action with symptoms such as yellowing, redness, necrosis, and, finally, weed death within 10-15 days after treatment;
-Gulliver 50 WG only acts on weeds present at the time of treatment.

Methods of application:
Gulliver 50 WG can be applied on moist or water-saturated soils, as well as on soils covered with 8-10 cm of water.
Applications should be performed starting from the 3-leaf stage, up until the twinning stage.
For the efficient control of Echinochloa spp, it is recommended to apply treatments when weeds are up to 15-20 cm in height (1-4 leaves - before twinning).
Cyperaceae are controlled when they are 10-15 cm in height, respectively from the 2-leaf stage up to the beginning of twinning.
Broad-leaved weeds are controlled from the cotyledon stage to 5-10 cm in height.
After the application of Gulliver 50 WG, proper water management is required to ensure quality weed control.
If the product has been applied to moist or water-saturated soils, water should be reapplied 2 days after treatment.
On soils with an 8-10 cm layer of water at application, water levels should be maintained for at least 5 days after application.

Rice - Apply in a dose of 40 g per ha during post-emergence, when crop plants are in the 4 leaf stage, up until the middle of the twinning period.

Compatible with most of the crop products available on the market.
Before mixing with other crop protection products, perform a small-scale compatibility test.
Not compatible with strong acids and strong bases.

Preharvest Interval (PHI): From the last treatment to the harvest, it must be 90 days. 

Crop  Weeds attacked  Application moment  Dose 
Rice  Weeds grasses and cypresses Postemergence 40 g/ha + Trend 0.1%

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dupont
Packaging 200 g
Formulations WG-water dispersible granules
Active Substances Azimsulfuron-methyl
Active Substance Concentration 500 g/kg
Against Yellow foxtail, Yellow nutsedge
Crops Rice
Timing of application Postemergence
Types of weeds annual monocotyledonous
Application Type Low pressure spray

Precautionary Statements


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