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eu dow agrosciences fungicide karathane gold 350 ec 500 ml - 1, thumbnail

Karathane Gold 350 EC, 500 ml

Out of stock

Karathane Gold 350 EC, 500 ml

eu dow agrosciences fungicide karathane gold 350 ec 500 ml - 1

Karathane Gold 350 EC, 500 ml

Out of stock

Product information

Karathane Gold 350 EC, 500 ml is a professional fungicide that acts on contact and is dedicated to treating mango, rose, chili, pea, and grape crops. The product has protective, eradicative, and curative actions against powdery mildew found in stems and leaves. It contains Meptyldinocap 35.7% as the active ingredient, which upsets the electrochemical balance of the invading fungi cell, and prevents the formation of energy-rich ATP while also cutting off respiration of the targeted fungi. Because it is an on-contact product, it is recommended for use in rotation with other fungicides, that provide systematic control.

Active Substance:
- Meptyldinocap 35.7%.

Product Benefits:
- Fights against mildew in chili, pea, Grape vines, mango, and roses, as specified;
- Offers curative, protective, and eradicative action with on-contact effects;
- Compatible with most other insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers;
- Efficient at low temperatures;
- Helps improve the total yield of your crops.

Product Characteristics:
- Contact Fungicide;
- Aromatic odor;
- Material: Liquid;
- Color: Yellow to Brown;
- Economical and easy to use.

Recommendations issued by the manufacturer:
- Deadly to aquatic life. Do not use near ponds, rivers, or lakes;
- Do not apply during rain;
- Do not apply when wind speed is less than 3 and more than 20 k/h;
- Follow the specific treatment instruction for each type of plant;
- It is recommended to spray at the first symptoms of plant disease;
- Use with other insecticides and pesticides for resistance programs;
- Keep away from children and household pets;
- Do not throw away in waterways;
- Do not use it for any other purpose than the one intended by the producer.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment when needed.

Culture Diseases Dose/ha Break time
Cucumbers (solar) Mildew 0,5 l/ha 21 days
Vine Mildew 0,5 l/ha 21 days

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dow Agro Sciences
Packaging 500 ml
Formulations EC-Emulsifiable concentrate
Active Substances Meptyldinocap
Active Substance Concentration 350 g/l
Crops Cucumber, Vineyard
Diseases Powdery mildew
Dosage 0.5 l/ha
Bio Crops Not suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

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