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Disinfectants Odor treatment

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  • frowein 808 disinfectant aerosolin raumspray 200 ml - 1, small

    Aerosolin Raumspray, 200 ml


      Application Type:

    • Aerosol

      Treatment of:

    • Odor
  • earthcare disinfectant odor eliminator 14 oz 400 g - 1, small

    Odor Eliminator 14 oz, 400 g

    Regular Price: €12.6



    • Bactericidal

      Treatment of:

    • Odor
  • earthcare disinfectant odor remover bag 19 oz 500 g - 1, small

    Odor Remover Bag 19 oz, 500 g

    Regular Price: €20.06


      Treatment of:

    • Odor
  • azelis disinfectant viscolight 7 kg - 1, small

    Viscolight, 7 kg


    Out of stock

      Treatment of:

    • Odor
Filter results
Filter results

About Disinfectants

Disinfectants are antimicrobial substances which either destroy all harmful microorganisms from a material or bring them to a safe level. Very few disinfectants are able to sterilize the material applied, but this depends on how they are applied.

Perfect disinfectants should sterilize the material they are applied against perfectly, without causing environmental damage, also by being inexpensive and non-corrosive. Unfortunately, there is still no ideal disinfectant, which can even be dangerous in nature. Manufactured for use in households, disinfectants usually have an extra substance called BITREX, an extremely bitter substance used to prevent the accidental ingestion of disinfectants.

The action of disinfection means removing the disease-causing microorganisms in the process of disinfection. However, bacteria spores are not destroyed. The disinfectants are used on static, unlike antiseptics, used in living tissue. The process of disinfection usually involves chemicals, high temperatures or ultraviolet light. The nature of chemical disinfection depends on the type of active substance used

Applying the disinfectant is recommended with an ULV equipment, cold or hot fogging, low pressure sprayer or by wiping - washing the source of infestation. However, these two last options are less recommended methods.

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