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E-Bio-Gärtner PZ 4000 Weed Burner


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E-Bio-Gärtner PZ 4000 Weed Burner

eu cfh special unit e bio gartner pz 4000 - 1

E-Bio-Gärtner PZ 4000 Weed Burner

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In stock

European Store cannot dispatch to

United States

Can be used by
Population, Professionals, Trained personnel

Product information

PZ 4000 is a lightweight and easy-to-use model suitable for simple gardening or simple crafting tasks.

From small roof repairs to garden maintenance, Bio-Gärtner PZ 4000 burner is extremely practical. It can be used for melting ice surfaces in winter, for heating and killing weeds, heating the grill, or for the heating of building materials, such as bitumen membranes.

PZ 4000 is a precise burner and is extremely useful when it comes to working between plates, stones, or on narrow edges of the house, preventing damage to surfaces and making work easier.

It is environmentally friendly, a fine-tuning allowing the economical use of gas. Gas generally burns clean and does not leave any harmful substances.

How it works:

Unwanted plants are eliminated easy, by heating. Heat damage the proteins in plant roots, and soon, the plant dies and can be removed.

PZ 4000 is an everyday helper, compact, reliably, economically, and precisely.  From lighting the grill, removing the weeds to heating surfaces, PZ 4000 handles many applications particularly well.


-High-quality aluminum burner;
-When screwing off the compressed gas cartridge, the bleeder valve of the cartridge closes;
-Included 1 CFH Butane Gas Pressure Cartridge.


- Ideal for the biological removal of weeds, for lighting charcoal, for deicing, defrosting, and much more;

- It provides an important safety feature such as integrated ignition at the touch of a button and is suitable for people who want to temporarily work with such a device;

- Provides protection to the user. The long shape of this design also ensures that the flame is kept far away from the body. So it is possible to work without a possible hazard.

- Easy operation thanks to ergonomic handle with regulating valve;

- Easy handling;

- Economical consumption;

- Long term effect;

- Environmentally friendly - without harmful chemicals.

Additional Information

Manufacturer CFH
Packaging 1 piece
Destination use Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
Apparatus Type Burner
Color Blue, Grey
Usage Area Outdoor

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