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eu cerexagri fungicide microthiol special wdg 40 g - 1, thumbnail

Microthiol Special WDG, 40 g

Out of stock

Microthiol Special WDG, 40 g

eu cerexagri fungicide microthiol special wdg 40 g - 1

Microthiol Special WDG, 40 g

Out of stock

Product information

Microthiol Special WDG, 40 g is a contact fungicide that acts against foliar diseases and pathogens while also providing curative action.

- Preventive and curative effects;
- Broad-spectrum use;
- Perfect for use in plant protection programs.

Action mode of Microthiol Special WDG:
- It provides protective action for vegetables and fruits and cures pathogenic diseases found in crops;
- Provides protective action against pathogens on the outside layer, forming a protective coating on the surface of plants that stops diseases from infecting it;
- Provides curative action against certain diseases already present in the plant, preventing the germination of fungal spores.

Methods of application:
- Microthiol Special will be applied according to approved technologies and instructions.
- It is applied by spraying with normal volume and should not be missed from integrated pest control programs in crops.
- At high temperatures, sulfur can cause phytotoxicity.
- Do not apply the product to temperatures above 30-32 ° C.
- Due to the fact that Microthiol Special is generally applied against foliar diseases, the break time is 3-35 days after application.

Consult the label for optimum mixing instructions and waiting time between treatments.
Consult the product label for Preharvest Intervals (PHI).

Compatible with most other insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers.
Incompatible with oil-based products. Do not use Microthiol Special if you have applied an oil spray within the last month.
Consult labels and perform a small-scale test before spraying together with other products.

- Microthiol Special is intended for use against foliar diseases. It comes in the form of water-dispersible granules and should be sprayed according to the label directions.
- Uniform coverage of the treated plants is required for maximum efficiency.

Crop  The pathogen  Dose
Vine  Uncinula necator 0.2-0.3%
Apple  Podosphaera leucotricha 0.3%
Peach  Sphaerotheca pannosa 0.4-0.5%
Cucumber  Sphaerotheca fuliginea 0.4%
Tobacco  Erysiphe cichoracearum 0.4-0.5%
Straw grains Erysiphe graminis 8 kg/ha

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cerexagri
Packaging 40 g
Formulations WG-water dispersible granules
Active Substances Sulfur
Active Substance Concentration 800 g/kg
Crops Apple tree, Barley, Blueberry, Cucumber, Peach tree, Tobacco , Vineyard, Wheat
Diseases Powdery mildew
Application Type Low pressure spray

Precautionary Statements

P102 Keep out of reach of children
P234 Keep only in original container
P270 Do no eat, drink or smoke when using this product
P273 Avoid release to the environment
P501 Dispose of contents/container to …
EUH401 To avoid risks to human health and the environment, comply with the instructions for use.

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